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NCAA Football 11 Review

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Game Rant’s T.J. Lauerman reviews NCAA Football 11.

Yet again EA Sports has brought NCAA football to your console with all the pomp and circumstance that college football has on TV. As with most sports games, NCAA Football 11 looks to continue to add polish to an already great franchise. That is not to say that there is not a lot of new stuff going on behind the scenes.

EA has brought the PRO-TAK gang tackling system over from their Madden franchise, which brings more realistic tackles to the field. The other big behind the scenes feature is EA’s “locomotion” momentum engine. The “locomotion” engine does away with standard animations and provides a more physics based running experience. When you combine the new momentum engine with PRO-TAK you get a much more realistic feel to the on-field football experience.

One of my favorite parts of NCAA is Road To Glory, where you create a player and take control of him from his High School State Championship through his college career. Sadly, from what I’ve seen, this year looks just like a re-hash of last year. The clips of Erin Andrews weren’t even re-shot, and it was very disheartening when I saw her wearing the same outfit as last year. Even though all the clips are very generic, it would still be nice to see them add new clips. Otherwise, nothing has significantly changed from NCAA Football 10.

In the unnecessary but AWESOME category, there is a handful of new equipment and accessories in the game. Now players can wear towels and hand-warmers, to which my wife (who saw me creating my Road To Glory character) said, “How is he going to run with all that stuff on?” Also in the mix are new helmets, undershirt sleeves, and elbow and knee braces. Though they seem like small additions, they go far in making the game have a more realistic look.

On the field, there is (yet again) a new play calling system. I’m very torn on this point, as I’m a fan of picking the formation and then cycling through groups of three plays, each selectable by a face button. NCAA Football 11 has changed this up, and I haven’t decided if it’s for the better, but it may be. You have three ways to pick your play: Ask Corso, Formation, and Play Type (i.e. Run, Short Pass, Long Pass) which can by changed with the front shoulder buttons. From there, you can go Left and Right cycling through plays, though you can only select the center-most play. While in the Formation grouping, after selecting your formation, you can now also go Up and Down to change your formation without backing out to the main play calling screen.

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