NCAA 11: Ohio State To Win BCS Title

NCAA Football 11 Alabama

EA Sports has correctly predicted the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Cup champions this year. Will that trend continue with NCAA Football 11 predicting college football's next national champion?

According to a season simulation in NCAA Football 11, an undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes team will defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide 36-24 in the next BCS National Championship game. I, personally, hope this doesn't come to pass, being a huge SEC Football fan with a couple of big Ohio State fans as friends.

The game also revealed predicted matchups and results from other bowl games, including "Boise State defeating Houston in the Sugar Bowl, Florida State beating West Virginia in the Orange Bowl, Ole Miss taking out Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, and Texas A&M thumping Utah in the Fiesta Bowl."

Conference winners were also predicted:

  • ACC: Florida State (13-1)
  • ACC (Atlantic): Florida State (13-1)
  • ACC (Coastal): Georgia Tech (11-3)
  • Big Ten: Ohio State (13-0)
  • Big 12: Texas A&M (12-2)
  • Big 12 (North): Missouri (10-3)
  • Big 12 (South): Texas A&M (12-2)
  • Big East: West Virginia (13-0)
  • C-USA (East): UCF (11-3)
  • C-USA (West): Houston (13-1)
  • MAC: Ohio (10-4)
  • MAC (East): Ohio (10-4)
  • MAC (West): Western Michigan (8-5)
  • Mountain West: Utah (11-2)
  • Pac-10: USC (11-1)
  • SEC: Alabama (13-1)
  • SEC (East): Georgia (11-3)
  • SEC (West): Alabama (13-1)
  • Sun Belt: Mid Tenn State (9-4)
  • WAC: Boise State (12-0)
  • Independents: Navy (8-5)

Part of the allure of college football is the unpredictability of the sport from weekend to weekend. So a video game predicting the outcome of a season could hold just as much weight as anybody's educated guess. Could video game simulations be the new tool for the experts we watch on television? Technology is a wonderful thing.

If EA Sports can keep up with consistently accurate predictions, the oddsmakers might need to grab a controller before setting the odds in various sporting events.

Source: ESPN

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