'NBA Live' Returns this Fall with 'NBA Live 13'

NBA Live Returns with NBA Live 13

Much like EA Sports has enjoyed dominance in many of the key sports game categories in the world, from soccer to football, 2K Sports has placed themselves in a prime position for basketball dominance with their NBA 2K series. This and last year's iterations, NBA 2K12 and NBA 2K11, were some of the best sports games period, rivaling even EA Sports' work on Madden and FIFA.

But all that is potentially going to change, as EA Sports has confirmed the return of the NBA Live franchise for this year. The info was first leaked by Kyrie Irving, first round draft pick and starting point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, forcing EA Sports to reveal NBA Live 13 is coming, and it should release this fall.

While this news, regularly, would get sports and basketball fans alike excited, the fact that EA hasn't delivered a basketball game in over two years will play into the appeal of NBA Live 13. For 2010, EA was planning to revamp the Live brand with NBA Elite 11, but after a poorly received demo released and NBA 2K11 knocked it out of the park with its Jordan Challenge mode, Elite felt like it just couldn't compete.

The hope was that, after taking a good look at where the genre was going, that EA Sports might return with Elite for the '11-'12 season, but that never came to pass. And now here we are with Elite dead, and NBA Live reborn for 2013.

There are no details regarding Live just yet, but EA Sports has told fans to check their Facebook page this Monday, where we expect the official announcement to take place. If Kyrie Irving is heading over to EA Sports' headquarters check out the game it might even be possible he's the cover athlete, that is if they aren't doing a free-for-all fan vote like they do with Madden now.

What would you like to see out of NBA Live 13? How should EA Sports set itself apart from NBA 2K?

NBA Live 13 is targeting a Fall 2012 release date with no platforms announced.

Source: Kotaku, Kyrie Irving

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