'NBA Jam' for iOS is Heating Up in this New Trailer


Electronic Arts is gearing up to bring one of the most popular NBA game franchises to to the iPhone. NBA Jam will be making it's way to the iPhone in the near future and from the looks of the short trailer below, it seems that EA is packing a lot into the iOS version of the game.

Word has it that all of the NBA teams will be represented, though there isn't any news on if the teams will have the current rosters. It's very likely that this is a port of the home console versions, and will have the same rosters from the PS3, Xbox and Wii. This definitely doesn't mean gamers should lose any hope of playing as Shaq on the Boston Celtics.

As far as game modes go, the normal 'Campaign' and an 'Instant Action' mode will be included in the iOS version. The campaign will be your standard affair, with gamers battling through all of the NBA franchises, and Instant Action is exactly what it sounds like, allowing the player to choose a team and jump right into the action.

Speaking of action, check the trailer below to see how the game handles on the iPhone.


Judging from the trailer it looks like the game uses a virtual stick for movement and a slide mechanic for offense and defense. It's a very interesting control scheme that allows the player to have quick access to dunking or stealing the ball.

We don't yet know if there will be multiplayer, though leaving out such an integral part of this game – on a device that's always connected – would be an epic ball-drop on EA's part.

Details are scarce about which celebrity characters can be unlocked on the iPhone version of NBA Jam, though we do have some screenshots that show the Democrats squaring off against the Republicans. Even though they probably won't go for it, Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates would make a perfect match-up.

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Gamers can expect to see NBA Jam hit the Apple App Store sometime in the near future.

Will you be downloading this title when it launches? Do you think it has a chance at knocking Angry Birds of its perch? Yeah, we don't think so either.

Source: Touch Arcade

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