NBA Baller Beats Teaser Trailer

While early demonstrations of Microsoft‘s motion controller, Kinect, promised that the player would be the controller, and no other peripherals would be necessary, many gamers have clamored for some tactile feedback to be included with their experience. Enter NBA Baller Beats, a new game from Majesco that was developed exclusively for Kinect, and allows gamers to actually use a basketball whilst playing.

Though the idea of bouncing a basketball in front of your TV sounds like a tough sell, especially given the Kinect‘s inadequacies, developer HB Studios seems to believe it is possible. In NBA Baller Beats, players will be bouncing a basketball in rhythm to a number of musical tracks, all along earning prizes like posters and trading cards.

Rather than go for the big name NBA players like Jordan or LeBron — although that is still a possibility — NBA Baller Beats is putting all of its licensing money towards securing tracks from Kanye West, Run DMC, and Gorillaz, just to name a few. Majesco promises to reveal more about the game, including first looks at gameplay, during this year’s E3. Another question that gamers are sure to ask is whether the game will ship with a regulation NBA basketball, or if that will be an added cost to the game — hopefully we’ll find out more about that at E3 as well.

To get a brief idea of how NBA Baller Beats might play, but really just to be teased by the prospect of dribbling a basketball in front of your TV, here’s the first trailer:

No matter what your basketball skill level, NBA Baller Beats promises that it will be having gamers doing crossovers in no time — that is if they can find the right environment for the game. This isn’t Kinect Sports: Season Two‘s basketball expansion, this requires some spatial elements that a lot of gamers might not have.

Unfortunately, that will be NBA Baller Beats’ biggest hurdle and potential its biggest downfall: finding gamers that have the hard wood floors or hard enough surfaces to allow for dribbling a basketball in front of their TV. Majesco claims that the game will work on carpet, but seeing is believing. And then, for those that do find they are able to bounce the ball, will the game be able to keep track of the ball in the ways the trailer implies it will.

Does NBA Baller Beats sound like a Kinect title for you? Do you think that the Kinect will be able to accurately track a player’s movements and a ball?

NBA Baller Beats is coming to the Xbox 360 this Fall.