NBA 2K20: How to Change Face

This weekend saw the release of NBA 2K20 and what ought to have been a smooth launch for the latest entry in 2K’s annual series. It’s been anything but, with fans finding plenty to get angry at the game for, to the point that for a while the call to fire 2K exec Ronnie Singh was trending on Twitter.

Despite that, there are no doubt plenty of players who don’t really care about things like the massive review-bombing NBA 2K20 has received and just want to get to playing. And with the game once more including the ability to create a custom player, plenty of them want to figure out how they can change the appearance of their virtual basketballer to suit their liking.

There are multiple ways to go about choosing a look for a player in NBA 2K20's MyPlayer creator. The simplest is merely picking a pre-made character model from the game's selection of default options. But players don't have to stop there, as any basketball player's face can be edited at any time, with customization options that lets NBA 2K20 gamers tweak features like hair, skin tone, skull shape, eyebrows, eyes, ears, and facial hair. To do this, simply head to the MyPlayer menu and select "My Player Appearance."

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Starting from a pre-set character model might be the easiest way to go about it, but what about creating a player in your own likeness? While players could do that in the editor, they can also scan their own face into NBA 2K20 with help from the 2K app available on mobile devices. With that, players can take pictures of their face and upload the scan onto their player.

How well this turns out depends on a few factors. Players want to scan their face in a place with good lighting, and make sure they move their head slowly while trying to get pictures of themselves from multiple angles. They might still end up with a scan that doesn't translate well in-game, but they can always reset it and try again if they want.

With these options, players can stop worrying about creating the perfect athlete and worry about things that could have a major impact on their experience, like the presence of casino and gambling mechanics in NBA 2K20.

NBA 2K20 is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and iOS devices.

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