NBA 2K20: How to Change Badges

NBA 2K20 badges

In 2K's basketball sim, NBA 2K20, earning and assigning badges is an important part of a character's build. These badges are the difference between an NBA 2K20 character that is a three-point master, or a defensive maestro who protects the paint like a pitbull with a grudge.

There are ways that players can get badges quickly. However, if NBA 2K20 players find themselves assigning badges that they later find they don't need, or see other badges that work with their build more, it is technically possible to change them.

A video by YouTuber jayyycee explains that to change badges in NBA 2K20, the player must have an upgrade available. The YouTuber says that when an upgrade is available, players are able to go into the progression screen and remove a badge that they've placed and put it into something else.

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In the video, jayyycee shows how this is done with his earned Shooting upgrade. The YouTuber has an upgrade available in Shooting and so is able to remove a badge from the Catch & Shoot slot which boosts the chance of successfully hitting a jump shot after a catch, which gives jayyycee another upgrade to work with. Jayyycee then puts the two available upgrades into Difficult Shots, making the badge hall of fame level. The YouTuber also shows that this can be done by removing the Tireless Shooter and Range Extender badges to make Quick Draw hall of fame, or to make Hot Start gold.

If NBA 2K20 players don't have an upgrade available, then they can't change badges. Once a badge has been confirmed, by selecting the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the badge progression screen, it will be stuck there until the player has earned another upgrade or the badge has been maxed out. This may be a little frustrating for those who would like to change their build whenever they feel like it, but it could also help them get acquainted with each of the available badges.

Several comments under jayyycee's videos says that NBA 2K20 players should be able to change their badge whenever by maxing it out. Players can "change any badge when your meter is max out," says commenter Jaylen Venson. Commenter ThisAintNothin also said that when a badge is on hall of fame level, players can move it around whenever. However, it seems that before the badge has reached that point and has been confirmed, it will be stuck there.

NBA 2K20 is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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