NBA 2K20: Best Center Build

nba 2k20 best center build

For many players, creating overpowered builds is certain to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of NBA 2K20, and there are indeed a great number of ways to customize a character in this new entry. For those that are looking to build a center in NBA 2K20, strong rebounding and rim protecting is likely to be important, and some players may be wondering about what the best center build in NBA 2K20 is for assuring success in these areas.

Outlining the best NBA 2K20 center build is exactly the purpose of this guide, and hopefully it will be helpful to those looking to improve their game with more than just the best dribble moves in NBA 2K20. That said, this NBA 2K20 build should not be considered the final word on powerful center builds in NBA 2K20. While this NBA 2K20 build is likely to produce desirable results, players should certainly feel free to tweak it until is perfectly aligned with their preferred playstyle.

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What is the Best Center Build in NBA 2K20?

The NBA 2K20 center build outlined in the video below is an attempt to recreate the legendary Wilt Chamberlain, and thus rebounding, rim protecting, and the ability to score with some of the best NBA 2K20 jumpshots on block are central aspects of it. Additionally, the creator of this build wanted to be certain that it allowed for Rim Protector, Glass Cleaner, and Post Scorer Takeovers, which is the reasoning behind some of the stat allocation that may initially seem confusing.

For those that are not currently struggling with any NBA 2K20 glitches and would prefer to see the NBA 2K20 best build for centers in text format, it is as follows:


  • Skill Breakdown: Select the chart weighted for Defense / Rebounding and Finishing.
  • Physical Profile: Select the chart where Agility, Strength, and Vertical are equally balanced.
  • Finishing: Max Everything
  • Shooting: Post Fade (Max)
  • Playmaking: Ball Handle (43) | Post Moves (Max)
  • Defense / Rebounding: Interior Defense (86) | Lateral Defense (Max) | Block (82) | Offensive Rebound (Max) | Defensive Rebound (Max)
  • Height: 7'1"
  • Weight: 254 lbs.
  • Wingspan: Max


  • Shooting: Deep Fades (Bronze)
  • Playmaking: Post Spin Technician (Bronze)
  • Defense / Rebounding: Box (HOF) | Brick Wall (HOF) | Intimidator (HOF) | Rebound Chaser (HOF) | Rim Protector (HOF) | Post Move Lockdown (Silver)
  • Finishing: Backdown Punisher (HOF) | Contact Finisher (HOF) | Deep Hooks (HOF) | Dropstepper (HOF) | Lob City Finisher (HOF) | Pick & Roller (Silver)

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As previously mentioned, players should certainly make adjustments to this NBA 2K20 center build in order to meet their needs, but they will likely find that it works quite well out of the box. So long as players have figured out how to get badges fast in NBA 2K20, this best center build is definitely worth giving a chance.

NBA 2K20 is available now for iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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