After sharing the cover for the 2013 iteration of the hugely popular NBA 2K series, Kevin Durant is ready to fly solo. This year, for NBA 2K 15, Durant has the cover all to himself, and his recognition as the game’s cover athlete couldn’t have come at a better time.

Earlier this week, Durant was named NBA MVP, beating out fellow superstars and former NBA 2K cover athletes Lebron James and Blake Griffin for the title. Durant also lead the league in scoring for the fourth time in his career, and is in the middle of a heated second round playoff contest with the Los Angeles Clippers.

But, for our purposes, the important news is Durant’s selection as solo cover athlete for NBA 2K15. It’s true that he has already graced an NBA 2K cover, but that was part of a trio that also included the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose and Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin.

Durant also spoke a little bit about earning the cover and what an honor it is to have his image representing one of his favorite games:

“I’m honored to be selected for the cover of NBA 2K. I’ve been an avid fan and player of NBA 2K since I was a kid, and being selected as the sole cover athlete of NBA 2K15 is an amazing accomplishment at this point of my life. I feel like my time has come.”

We suspect that the NBA 2K15 cover pales in comparison to winning the NBA MVP — a quick watch of Durant’s MVP acceptance speech will tell you that — but it’s still no doubt a tremendous accomplishment to be singled out amongst one’s peers. Durant now joins a group of former cover athletes that includes NBA greats like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Unfortunately, 2K Sports and developer Visual Concepts were not willing to share any more details regarding what players can expect from this year’s game. One can assume that the title will continue to leverage the current generation of consoles for even more realism and depth, but how exactly is unclear.

Regardless, our congratulations go out to Kevin Durant on the cover.

Do you think Kevin Durant deserves the NBA 2K15 cover? What do you hope to see in this year’s game?

NBA 2K15 releases October 7, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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