'NBA 2K11' Virtual Champions to Receive a Presidential Reception

NBA 2K11 2K Sports Presidential Reception

Okay, NBA Elite 11 is has been delayed, but NBA 2K11 is still set to drop on October 5, giving video-game basketball players the opportunity to hit the hardwood before the NBA regular season gets underway on October 26. And in addition to getting to see Jordan back in action, like in Madden NFL 11, players will have the opportunity to meet a virtual President Obama if they take the championship in the game's Association mode. If you are able to take your team all the way, you will get to see Obama raise the trophy and even get his own jersey from your team's star player. Looks like even being virtual-President has its perks!

I always think little touches like this are pretty cool, perhaps giving that extra layer of realism to games for the players taking their teams to the championship. And sure, while it does not really add anything to the actual gameplay or anything like that, I do think it is neat to get to see your virtual team do the stuff the real NBA champs get to do, like the Presidential reception. Now do not get me wrong, I would not want this little post-championship treat to be included in a game at the expense of some core feature or development time that would otherwise improve the game, but when considering the whole package it can make for a nice little touch.

And seriously, it could be the only way some teams will ever get to have a Presidential reception. And same goes for the player giving his jersey to Obama. I just wonder if you take the Heat all the way, which player will get to give his jersey to Obama? Do I hear a little virtual locker room drama going on down in Miami already? Because while the Heat winning the actual NBA championship may not happen this year, I can pretty much guarantee many, many, many virtual Heat teams will be winning the championship in NBA 2K11's Association mode.

What team do you want to take all the way this year? Would the Raptors still get to have the Presidential reception? Hmm, only a few days until October 5 when we can start trying.

NBA 2K11 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PC, PSP, and Wii on October 5, 2010.

Source: ESPN

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