NBA 2K17 Pokes Fun at NBA Live Glitch


During the beta for the upcoming NBA 2K17, players discover a unique Easter Egg, with one of the character intros making fun of a six-year-old glitch from EA's NBA Elite.

Six years ago, and up-and-coming Electronic Arts basketball game title NBA Elite 11 was canceled shortly before the game was supposed to launch. Among the reasons it was shelved was a glitch that players discovered during the game’s beta. Apparently, Andrew Bynum’s character got stuck in a Jordan Wings pose at midcourt, spawning what many called the “Jesus Glitch”.

Now, a half decade later, the folks at 2K Games still won’t let EA live down that infamous moment. In the upcoming NBA 2K17, players can select a unique squad intro that pokes fun at the Jesus Glitch. Users testing out the NBA 2K17: The Prelude demo this week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 discovered the intro and shared it online.

What makes this so memorable is that without the name of the intro, players would have easily moved past it without giving it a second thought. Although the T-pose action is referred to as the Jesus Glitch among gamers, it’s actually already a well known pose thanks to Michael Jordan’s popular Nike wingspan photos where he has both arms stretched out, one holding a basketball and the other pointing out straight.


Rather than just throw the intro in and mark it as “Wings” like the iconic Nike pose of Michael Jordan, NBA 2K17 calls the intro “Glitch”, thus making it an unmistakable reference to the fated NBA Elite 11 bug.

Glitches are a normal part of video games. Sometimes these glitches cause game-breaking bugs that keep players from enjoying their games, while other times gamers discover hidden glitches that allow them to gather infinite money, gear, or weapons. Other times, these glitches produce just funny moments that gamers like to share on social media, or, as in the case of NBA Elite 11, are so bad they can lead to the complete shutdown of a game. Then there are the times where a seemingly accidental glitch helps shape the future of entire franchises, be it fighting games or Mario.

It’s nice when gaming companies can poke fun at themselves or others in a way that the community can enjoy without causing any damage to anyone. Much in the way Massive was able to turn a boss respawn glitch from The Division into a fun meme for the community, remembering Bullet King, the boss who wouldn’t die (until the developer patched it, of course). Hopefully the folks at EA are having a good chuckle over this along with the rest of the gamers playing NBA 2K17.

What do you think of NBA 2K17’s Jesus Glitch intro?

NBA 2K17 is set to release September 20, 2016 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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