Naughty Dog Could Remaster ‘Uncharted’ Trilogy for PS4

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Uncharted PS4 Remaster

It’s no secret that the Uncharted series is one of Sony’s brightest stars, with each title receiving plenty of positive recognition and even more awards. With the latest Uncharted slated for a PS4 release, many gamers may get the urge to play some of the older titles from the series — and it would be even better if they could do it all on PS4. Such a feat isn’t off the cards either, especially since Naughty Dog has experience with remastering PS3 games for the PS4, with The Last Of Us ready to launch next week on the next generation platform. In fact, this week the developer talked about the possibility of it happening for the Uncharted series.

The upcoming Uncharted title was actually inspired by parts from The Last Of Us; the latter of which will soon find its way to the PS4 this month due to popular demand. Joel and Ellie’s triumphant return will undoubtedly make plenty of Sony fans happy, but Naughty Dog came out and admitted that porting the game over from the PS3 ‘was hell‘.

Despite the difficulty of porting the series, imagining Nathan Drake’s initial trilogy powered by the PS4 is understandably exciting. Since the first Uncharted title launched 7 years ago, a combination package of the games for Sony’s next generation console would certainly make it easier for fans who haven’t jumped into the series to do so.

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida, unsurprisingly, was all for the idea of remastering Uncharted. Responding to those comments, Naughty Dog Community Manager Arne Mayer acknowledged that remastering the series would be great, but the actual act of doing so depends on plenty of variables behind the scenes:

“It’d be nice. It’s always nice to find ways to try and expand your audience. I don’t know how we’d ever pull that off but I don’t want to say we wouldn’t do it. I think if everything aligns, we should make an attempt to look into it and do it as well.”

During E3 2014, it was revealed that the upcoming Uncharted 4 title may be the last of the franchise. Once the series has a solid conclusion, it’s viable that Sony would release a package so that gamers could play the entire series from start to finish on the PS4. Seeing as the series has racked up numerous awards and is one of Sony’s leading exclusives, it would be a glorious send-off to what has been a consistently amazing series.

What do you think, Ranters? Would you like to see all of Uncharted remastered for PlayStation 4, or should Naughty Dog focus on their brand new game?


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Source: IGN