At the end of a console generation, there are generally some really exciting and technically excellent games released. Often they showcase incredible graphics and evolved gameplay, which is doubley impressive considering the ageing hardware that runs these games. Years of working with the hardware ensures that developers are ever mastering and pushing what is possible with these consoles. This being the last year of the seventh generation, some developers have been able to do just that by creating some really staggering experiences. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us are prime examples of this.

Not being satisfied with their current state and with the promise that new consoles bring at their launch, some fans have taken a few outstanding games that finished this generation and are asking for even more by suggesting up-scales. Some games will be getting a remaster for the next generation, but those hoping for their favourite AAA games may be disappointed. Rockstar already denied claims that GTA V would end up on next generation consoles and now it has been revealed that Naughty Dog isn’t so keen on it either.

While talking to CVG about a Playstation 4 remaster of The Last of US, Eric Monacelli, Naughty Dog’s community strategist said quite plainly:

“We have no plans to do that.”

The Last of Us Multiplayer Gameplay

Fans of all kinds of games have started wondering if their favorites would be making the jump to the next generation in order to get a power boost on the new systems. In the past, games such as Halo and Shadow of the Colossus have had HD remakes on new systems.

Naughty Dog is clearly happy with its game and has no intention of reopening The Last of Us in order to touch it up so soon after the its initial release. While some fans may want to jump back into Joel and Ellie’s adventure in the next generation, Naughty Dog is probably more worried about creating a brand new experience for the new consoles. With that in mind, no one should be upset that the developer isn’t taking resources away from development on new titles.

Would you like to see The Last of Us remastered for the PlayStation 4? What games do you think would make good remakes for the new systems?

Source: CVG