Mere minutes after an alleged Italian Xbox 360 ad seemed to confirm a redesigned, slim version of the 360 hardware alongside the final name for Project Natal, USA Today’s Game Hunters have have made it official: Project Natal is now Kinect.

The ad indicates that the new version of the 360 will include a 250 gig hard drive, and features (finally) built in wi-fi.  Though the ad has been pulled, video has survived.  Have a look.

The ad certainly seems plausible, both due to its mention of Kinect compatibility, and due to the scores of rumors of that an Xbox 360 slim is real.

As for Kinect, a number of new games have been revealed.

  • Kinectimals – an animal training game.
  • Joy Ride – a kart racer that had recently been rumored to be a Kinect launch title.
  • Kinect Sports – Kinect’s version of Wii Sports.
  • Kinect Adventures – features a river-rafting game, presumably along with  other adventures.
  • Dance Central –  a dancing game.

There will also be games featuring characters from the Star Wars and Disney universes.

The Kinect name seems to combine the words “connect,” referring to how users interface with the Xbox 360, and “kinetic,” which the Free Online Dictionary has helpfully defined as “Of, relating to, or produced by motion.”  So, Kinect is all about connecting to the console by means of motion.  If not exactly poetic, it is certainly a descriptive name.

No doubt this is far from the last information on Kinect or a redesigned Xbox 360 we will be hearing in the coming days. Stay tuned to Game Rant for the latest information and analysis on all of the news coming out of E3 2010.

What do you think of the Kinect name? Do you think the 360 slim is legit?

Source: Joystiq, USA Today, Free Online Dictionary