'NASCAR The Game 2011' Team Creation Detailed in Latest Developer Diary

NASCAR The Game 2011 Developer Diary Creation

Let's be honest: deep down, maybe way deep down, everyone has an urge to become a NASCAR star. Whether it's Talladega Nights or Days of Thunder, the fact that people who only know how to drive a car fast and without fear can become celebrities overnight demands a certain kind of envy. For those of you who aren't exactly the white-knuckled driving type, then NASCAR The Game 2011 is set to give you the same experience from the comfort of your living room . The latest trailer for Activision's upcoming racer shows that you won't just get the chance to step behind the wheel, but behind the scenes as well, creating and managing your own racing team though an entire Sprint Cup season.

It's becoming clear that complete experiences are the name of the game when it comes to modern racing titles, so in that spirit, Eutechnyx has now confirmed that each and every race in the current Sprint Cup season will be a playable track for the game.

What this means for the big picture is that players will have the chance to experience the exact same races as their real-world counterparts, and will get the chance to go from the middle of the pack to the top of the podium in a single season.

This latest developer diary allows the game's creators to explain how the length of the game offers players the choice of stepping into the boots of one of NASCAR's most recognizable faces (including Danica Patrick) or forging their own place in the history of motorsport with their custom driver.

We know that the racing itself will bring an unparalleled level of simulation to stock car driving, but now take a closer look at the customization Eutechnyx will be bringing to the drivers, cars, sponsors, and tracks:


Games like GRID have placed an emphasis on sponsors in the past, but NASCAR has familiarity with its North American audience going for it. Trying to perform well and earn a fictitious or niche endorsement may make experiences a bit more unique, but having to gain the attention of major sponsors like Pennzoil, Quaker State, or NAPA seems a bit more promising due to the sport's prevalence in popular culture.

While the developer may not have the rich pedigree of other racing studios, Eutechnyx knows just how much of a responsibility it is to gain access to the NASCAR name, and hearing officials in the organization confirm that the game will be even better than the quality put forth by Electronic Arts is good news.

For a re-launch of the sport, NASCAR The Game 2011 is definitely looking like it has what it takes. We'll know for sure when the game lands on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii sometime soon.

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