'NASCAR The Game 2011' Trailers Bring Real Voices & Pit Crews

NASCAR The Game 2011 Real Voices Pit Crew

There won't be any shortage of racing titles coming out this year, but it looks like the developers of NASCAR The Game 2011 are doing everything they can to give their fans as realistic an experience as possible. The latest trailers released for the game show that Eutechnyx will be bringing authentic pit crews and voices to their title, using some of the sport's most recognizable figures to complete the illusion.

The developers are making it their goal to give fans of the motorsport a chance to fulfill their dreams of one day stepping behind the wheel of a certified stock car, and the latest trailer for NASCAR claims that deep down in all of us, there's a champion driver just waiting to get out.

To make sure that the experience is as realistic as possible, they had to focus on more than just the pack racing and drafting. Any fan of racing knows that the driver can't win alone, and relies on a team of crew members to keep their car running at its peak performance.

It would be one thing to allow players to adjust car settings on the fly when traveling through pit row - which the game does include - but the team wanted to go the extra mile, and give players a chance to see what it's like to experience a pit stop from the driver's seat.

When the developers put their minds to it, they couldn't see any other way of getting their desired levels of realism without putting Matt Kenseth's entire pit crew into a motion capture studio.

To see just how close the digital crew keeps to their real life counterparts, take a look at the trailer yourself:


Taking a pit stop allows players to not only refuel and have fresh tires equipped, but tweak individual tire pressure, wedge, handling and downforce. If those words are a little too technical for you, have a look at the game's screens to see just how many ways players will have to tailor-make their ride.

Cole Trickle himself would be jealous:

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Players will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a famous NASCAR driver, or create their very own racing team. Having your car outfitted by your very own crew is one thing, but when you get back into the race, you won't be alone. With an entire field of cars to deal with, NASCAR drivers are given instructions by a team Spotter, keeping them informed on the drivers around them and the overall race.

Rather than giving players directions and information through text, or an emotionless voice, the developers went to the real deal. The Spotter's voice will be that of Ty Norris, the General Manager of Michael Waltrip Racing, and one of the masterminds behind Dale Earnhardt's juggernaut racing team.

Norris may not get the chance to do much spotting these days, but fans of racing and games alike can look forward to getting their directions from one of NASCAR's most influential figures. Norris won't be the only one lending his voice to the property, as Doug Rice and Mark Garrow of Performance Racing Network will also be providing the commentary.

Take a look at the developer diary to get an idea of the voices you'll soon be able to hear blasting through your very own headset:


You have to hand it to Activision and Eutechnyx, as their dedication to realism seems to be limitless. Whether NASCAR is your favorite motorsport or not, NASCAR The Game 2011 may be an experience for other racing games to take a few lessons from.

We still don't have an official release date, but it seems that NASCAR The Game 2011 will be a game to take notice of when it is released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

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