New 'NASCAR The Game 2011' Gameplay Trailer Lets You Dream Big

NASCAR The Game 2011 Gameplay Trailer

NASCAR is a funny thing. It may be the realm of some of motorsports greatest heroes to some, and a simplified, watered-down version of racing to others. While that is a matter of personal preference, the events and tracks that the sport has made famous over the years are more present in modern culture than any of us realize.

NASCAR The Game 2011 knows it, and are convinced that deep down inside every racing fan, there lies a single desire. The latest trailer for the game gives a bit more of a look at the actual gameplay, and how this game may be a dream come true to more than a few.

Whether you're a rabid fan, casual spectator, or complete bystander, the sport's greatest champions have become household names. Jeff Gordon. Dale Earnhardt. Richard Petty. For even the most casual fans of North American racing, these legends of NASCAR are men who demand respect, if nothing else.

But even more famous than the drivers and pit crews who have made their mark on the oval ring are the tracks themselves. Daytona,Indianapolis, Talladega - giving players a chance to forge their own path to the top of the podium is compelling stuff, but Eutechnyx has to do little more than flaunt these names in front of their audience to gain interest.

Think about it: Gran Turismo, Shift 2 Unleashed, and Forza Motorsport 4 may let you feel what it's like behind the wheel of a supercar. But only one game this year is dedicated entirely to letting players know what it feels like to win the Indy 500, the Daytona 500, or any of the races that most people learn simply by word of mouth.

Take a look at the latest trailer for the game, and see if the call of these famous racetracks is enough to peak your interest:


It's a smart move for the developers and Activision to focus a bit of the advertising for the game on nostalgia, or childhood wishes. There's not a boy or girl that doesn't find speed exhilarating as a toddler, and you'd be hard to find a grown man who never dreamed of 'driving a racecar' when they grew up.

The previous developer diaries have shown that the team is bringing some interesting approaches to creating the tech behind the gameplay, which is a relief. NASCAR has proven that it can make a fair amount of money all by itself, so a game branded with the title may not have needed a new take on racing AI to be successful.

With a competent mechanic for pack racing, and a sign that the developers are more than aware of the wish-fulfillment the game offers, NASCAR The Game 2011 is looking to be something worth noting. Let's just hope that the finished product will truly be the stuff of dreams, and not a nightmare in disguise.

You can get your chance to take a lap around Daytona in your very own car when NASCAR The Game 2011 lands soon on Xbox 360, PS3, and the Wii.

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