Many gamers probably thought that last year’s Portal 2 was out of this world. Not only did fans get to return to the dark, depressing depths of Aperture Science, but they got to finish what they started with Chell and GLaDOS. The title even won Game Rant’s 2011 Game of the Year, so there’s no questioning the quality of the game. Apparently NASA thinks that the awesomeness of Valve‘s sequel is simply too jam packed with greatness for this world, because they’re launching a ship — with a Portal 2 character engraved on it — into outer space.

Valve updated the official Portal 2 website with a snapshot of the hunk of engraved metal that’ll be part of the launch later this week. According to Valve, “an anonymous tech at NASA” embedded a Portal character into a portion of the ship, and thanks to this unnamed individual, “Wheatley is actually going to actual space.” It has since come to light however, that everyone’s favorite antagonist, Wheatley, is not actually the orb etched onto the spacecraft’s panel — the very similar looking Space Core is.

Portal 2 Space Core NASA

Apparently NASA is not impressed with the display of fanboy-ism either, and as a result gamers may never know who is responsible for making this up and coming rocket launch even more interesting — as if launching rockets into space wasn’t already cool enough.

“Please note that when we mentioned an “anonymous tech at NASA” we weren’t kidding: NASA in no way officially endorses secretly laser-engraving characters from Portal onto their spacecraft. Believe it or not, they don’t even officially endorse Portal 2, despite the fact that it’s a really excellent game.”

The resupply craft will be meeting up with International Space Station this Friday, and the vessel’s launch can be watched live on NASA’s website starting at 9:15 EST/6:15 PST. Whoever managed to pull this stunt off deserves a nerd medal of some sort, but we’d wager that NASA doesn’t agree… those monsters.

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Source: Portal Blog