New Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special Gameplay Videos

Naruto Shippuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special Sasuke

The first video features a match between Minato Namikaze, who was known throughout the ninja world as the Fourth Hokage, versus his son, Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto is in "Sage Mode," which provides him faster and stronger combos, while his father, whose nickname is "Konoha's Yellow Flash" is living up to his name with his incredibly fast and possibly unfair teleportation attacks.

Minato's alternative special features him jumping up in the air and throwing several kunai at Naruto, which allows him to teleport to each one of the kunai and slash Naruto to pieces. His regular special, which looks to be a take on his famous, "Flying Thunder God" technique does an insane amount of damage, so gamers looking to pick this game up should be wary not to get caught in his special.

Naruto's Wind Element: Rasen Shuriken attack is combined with Shadow Clones to trap his opponent in the S-Ranked move. Sage Mode Naruto can certainly hold his own in battle, but it's best to decide for yourself after watching the video.

Check out the Father vs. Son battle beween Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage) and Uzumaki Naruto (Sage Mode) below:


The next video features fights between Killer Bee vs Raikage, a 2-on-2 match between Killer Bee/Raikage and Kisame/Itachi, and another 2-on-2 match between Kisame/Itachi and Gai/Yamato.

Killer Bee and Raikage prove to be heavy-hitters in the new Gekitou Ninja Taisen entry, and it's a given that these two characters will be fan-favorites, especially with their "Double Lariat" team attack, which fans will recognize from the anime when Kisame fought the two brothers and was beheaded after getting hit with the move.

To get a better idea of how the brothers work so well together in battle, check out the video below:


Gamers that bought Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles or even Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 may want to consider picking this game up as well.

Are you excited to fight with new characters like Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage) as well as Killer Bee and Raikage? Or is it possible you are feeling a little Naruto-fatigue after all of this year's releases? Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special! will be released on December 2, 2011, for the Nintendo Wii.

Source: Saiyan Island

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