New Naruto 3DS Game Announced

Naruto Shippuden Nin-rittai Emake Saikyou Ninkai Kessen

Fans of Naruto who are also planning on picking up a Nintendo 3DS will be pleased to know that a new game based on the hit anime series has been announced for the system. Takara Tomy, who is very well known for producing the Gekitou Ninja Taisen! games in Japan, has announced that Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen is currently in development for release on the 3DS.

Tomy released Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! Special this past December, so it's great to see that the developer isn't resting on its heels and is working hard to bring another Naruto game to the fans. Tomy does seem to have a knack for adding characters and features that the Naruto fanbase asks for, so it's probably safe to say that there will be players anxious to add this game to their 3DS collections.

Not too many details have been announced so far, but what is known now is that it will be a side-scrolling game that features 3D environments. There will be touch screen controls on the bottom screen of the 3DS and players will possess the ability to use a partner in battle -- for example, Naruto can team up with Sakura.

Hopefully more details will be released within the next couple of months, but in any case, a Naruto game for the 3DS already sounds enticing. Count on Game Rant to have all the details on Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen as soon as they become available.

Is a new Naruto game at the top of your list of must-have 3DS games to play, or could it be possible that after playing so many Naruto games in 2010 that it's time for a little break? Do you think the new 3DS game can compete with CyberConnect2's fantastic Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen is set to be released exclusively in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS this Spring.

Source: Siliconera

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