Namco Vs. Capcom & Capcom Vs. Namco Fighting Games?

Namco Vs Capcom & Capcom Vs Namco

It seems that nearly all my adult life, I've wondered who would win in a fight: Pac-Man or Mega Man. Though I may never know for sure, I might just be getting closer to the answer, as it appears that Capcom and Namco, the companies behind those two iconic characters, may be collaborating on not one, but two new fighting games.

Likely to be dubbed Capcom Vs. Namco and Namco Vs. Capcom, respectively, one title is expected from each developer. The Namco title will reportedly run on the Tekken 6 engine, while Capcom's offering will likely make use of the Street Fighter 4 engine.

Namco's heritage in the fighting genre is largely occupied by the Tekken and Soul Calibur games. Their titles tend to feature 3D movement, and focus on melee combat.

Capcom, of course, is best known for the Street Fighter games. However, Capcom is also responsible for the Vs. series of games, which have incorporated a wide range of Capcom's in-house characters (including Mega Man!), in addition to characters from the Tatsunoko Productions and Marvel Comics stables. Indeed, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was one of the big hits of E3 2010.  Let's not forget the Darkstalkers, either.

Capcom's games tend to feature 2D gameplay, and do not shy away from all kinds of special moves and screen filling craziness - particularly the Vs. games.

It is important to remember that these games are, for now, just rumors. But it is hard not to speculate on what rosters each game might include. Will the Namco game stick to characters from each company's flagship fighters? Will the Capcom game include as many offbeat characters as the developers can cram onto a single disc (I'm voting, right now, for the Prince from Katamari Damacy). Will there be Star Wars characters? So many questions.

Not long to wait for an answer, though. All this speculation stems from a fighting game trailer scheduled to debut this Saturday, July 24th, during the San Diego Comic Con. Game Rant will be there, and we'll bring you all the latest news.

So, which would you rather play: Namco's game or Capcom's game? Which characters would you like to see included in each title?

Source: Game Informer

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