Namco Bandai Introducing Textbooks with RPG Mechanics

The math textbooks will feature an RPG-styled storyline that the students will follow as they solve problems. Math Adventure will be a math problem corner in each volume of the textbook. When a students gets a correct answer, they are rewarded with keys and collecting all the keys results in receiving some type of treasure. The adventure contains defined characters like Yuto, born July 25, who is full of energy but bad at math. RPG textbooks in math, language arts, and science could be implemented into schools as early as next Spring.

Commenting on the deal, Namco Bandai CEO Shukuo Ishikawa said:

"We wanted to be a part of the creation of textbooks, which are a symbol of school education."

This is a wonderful idea and I would love to see this type of creative learning in schools in North America. Often, video games are portrayed in a negative light when it comes to the development of young people. However, the merging of gaming and education has unlimited potential for success. Getting children as focused and interested in their textbooks as they are in their controller and console is a worthwhile goal for any school.

Would you have done better in school if you were a Level 30 Math Mage going up against the evil Algebraic Empire? What do you think about the Gakko Tosho - Namco Bandai project?

Source: Adriana Sang

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