Namco Bandai have taken to their official website in to tease a forthcoming ‘All Star Battle’ related announcement coming in three days. While the phrasing of ‘All Star Battle’ and its accompanied real life photographs has many gamers mulling over a Namco Bandai version of All Stars Battle Royale, this is more likely a tease for Bandai’s upcoming collaboration with Nintendo on Super Smash Bros.

It was only a week ago that Nintendo revealed it was offloading some of the development on Super Smash Bros. to Namco Bandai — the project will still remain under the watchful eye of original developer Project Sora and, more importantly, Masahiro Sakurai — but apparently some headway is already being made with the project. Or maybe Namco Bandai has their own side project in the works, one that riffs on the Smash Bros. formula.

Namco Bandai is no stranger to fighting games, and already has quite the plethora of franchises to choose from when it comes to crafting their own all star brawler, but given their involvement with Nintendo it would be in rather poor form for them to showcase a similar title. Franchises like Soul Calibur and Dragon Ball Z already have a specific and unique fighting style, which would make it hard to unify them all into one fighting experience.

It’s not a given, but we’re placing our money on this announcement/reveal being in relation to Super Smash Bros.

The impression given thus far was that Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS (yes, two iterations are in development) weren’t that far along in development, despite being announced during Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference. However, if Namco Bandai feels secure enough to make an announcement, perhaps it’s time to start ticking off roster members.

Given that Namco Bandai brings in their own diverse line-up of eclectic characters it would make sense if a few mainstays of the Tekken and Naruto developer made the cut. Imagine if Namco Bandai went really deep into their history and brought out some old school Power Rangers for Super Smash Bros. — that would be amazing.

What do you think Namco Bandai is gearing up to announce in three days time? Who from Namco Bandai‘s roster of characters and franchises would you most like to see in Super Smash Bros.?

Source: Namco Bandai