New Purchase of 'nail'd' Will Include Free DLC

Nail'd Free DLC With Purchase Map

With the incredibly sophisticated racing simulations grabbing many of the headlines recently, it may be easy to overlook the intentionally over-the-top arcade racer nail'd. The developers have put together a game that will give players a chance to experiment with shortcuts and power-ups while engaging in high-octane racing, and have gone to great lengths to sweeten the deal. While the game will retail for less than the standard pricing, Deep Silver has announced that purchasing the game new will score you a host of free DLC.

The new DLC package for Techland-developed racer will be expanding on a game that already looks well equipped to provide hours of high-energy and high-insanity racing.

The team has already set the price for the game at a reduced $49.99/$39.99 point, but in an additional effort to dissuade fans from picking up a used copy, a great deal of maps, game modes, and events will be included for no additional cost.

The DLC offerings will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Four new tracks available for both single-player and multi-player
  • New vehicle paint jobs and parts
  • New driver suits
  • Five new campaign events
  • New game mode 'Detonator' in which a ticking bomb must be passed between players before it explodes.

The maps seem to continue the expansive and vibrantly-colored look of the rest of the game, and we have the screenshots to prove it:

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Hopefully the resurgence in quality arcade releases with titles like Hydro-Thunder, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, and Blur is just the beginning of injecting some fun into the sometimes bland racing genre. The return to old-school power-ups and over-the-top action worked for Blur, so hopefully the result will be the same for nail'd. The development teams clearly think there's a future in fun, and there is definitely enough room for both straight-laced and out-of-control racing games today.

One way to guarantee that the public will take your side in the debate over used games is to offer free content as an incentive, so Deep Silver and Techland clearly know what they're doing.When the game launches for only $49.99 on consoles and $39.99 for PC, it will be interesting to see how much players will appreciate the savings offered.

So whether you prefer arcade gameplay to simulation, or simply need a less-punishing racing title to accompany your purchase of Gran Turismo 5, nail'd may be the game for you.

You can get your own chance to experience some white-knuckled racing, either on the included tracks or the free DLC when nail'd is released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 30th, 2010.

Source: Shacknews

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