'MythBusters' Video Game Special Brings 'DOOM' To Life

It's no secret that the vast majority of video games require more than a little bit of suspension of disbelief on the part of the player. Gamers check realism at the door as they settle in for a session of alien warfare, trips to the underworld, or fights to the death. That said, it's still pretty fun to consider how we might fare if we really did find ourselves facing off against an army of demons.

With the help of MythBusters' Jamie and Adam, gamers will be getting a harsh lesson in reality this week.

We've seen the titular MythBusters take on some of our favorite movies and video games in the past, but this week the team is concentrating on one of the classics: Doom. A few unofficial MythBusters have taken on Destiny and even Titanfall in the last year, but this time around the original team is taking a closer look at the first-person shooter genre. We don't have a full list of what myths will be either verified or debunked yet, but we do know that at least a portion of the episode will deal with inventory management (just how many weapons and first-aid packs can one soldier carry?).

As you can see in the promo video above, the MythBusters team has recreated a level from id Software's Doom 3 BFG Edition to run a few myths through the gauntlet. In order to capture the look and feel of the first-person shooter, the show teamed up with id Software creative director Tim Willits for the experiments. Willits will work closely with the research team during the episode to bring a Doom level to life.

MythBusters Video Games

The short trailer for the episode shows some of the gear that players need to lug around in Doom and many other first-person shooters. The inventory starts out pretty manageable with a handgun at first, then a significantly heavier assault rifle, until finally the survivor is tasked with bringing a massive chainsaw along on his or her journey. It's become second nature for FPS and RPG fans to ignore the strength it would take to carry all that gear, but this Saturday's MythBusters episode will determine if it's humanly possible to carry all of that around - and stay alive. Time will tell, but our money is on BUSTED for this myth.

Tabletop RPG fans are likely more familiar with the realism side of inventory management if they've ever played with a strict dungeon master (many popular RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons provide a weight for each item and each character's race and class help determine just how much weight they are able to carry before they start to slow down).

Do you think the MythBusters team will prove that FPS inventory is unrealistic or do you think Adam will survive the real life Doom level, while carrying around a small militia's worth of battle gear? What other FPS myths would you like to see busted? Let us know in the comments.

The Doom-themed episode of MythBusters airs Saturday, January 31 @9 pm on Discovery.

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