Mystery Shooter Sequel Teased for PSM3 Reveal

Mystery Shooter Sequel Teased for Next PSM3

These days it seems like the biggest teasers come in the tiniest of packages. With so many games slated to release each year, compiled with the amount of future projects that are just getting started, developers and publishers oftentimes have to pace themselves with a lengthy marketing campaign just so they can stay relevant up until launch.

Such is the case with the newest tease, which comes to us by way of PSM3, who, in their next issue, claim to have a big preview of a shooter sequel set to release in 2012.

Included on the full-page teaser are two bullets of a fairly non-descript variety and the "mystery sequel shooter" moniker, and nothing else. It really is one big tease, but it should certainly get gamers talking.

A lot of potential fits are going to be thrown around from Bulletstorm to Black, but the most likely candidates, based on the timing and the teaser image, seem to be either Medal of Honor or the next Call of Duty, presumed to be a follow-up to Black Ops.

PSM3 Mystery Shooter Sequel Teaser Image

Black Ops 2 does fit the bill, but it also seems odd that Activision would break with their tradition of high profile trailer reveals, and announce a Call of Duty sequel on a magazine cover. Medal of Honor 2, has already been teased via a Battlefield 3 insert, and should be releasing this year, so it makes the most logical option.

Medal of Honor might not have made quite the impression that folks at EA were hoping for, but it definitely made enough of an impact to warrant another go around. Perhaps spurned on by the success of Battlefield 3, or maybe just a chance to learn from past lessons, Medal of Honor 2 is coming in 2012, even if it doesn't get a cover spread in PSM3.

We officially won't know what this cover will reveal until some time next month, which gives plenty of time for speculation, but at this point the candidates seem to be right there in front of us. Look for more info when this 2012 mystery shooter sequel is finally revealed.

What do you hope this mystery shooter sequel will be? Do you think that Medal of Honor 2 has a better chance in light of Battlefield 3's success?

Source: PSM3 (via CVG)

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