The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Dragon Age: Inqusition Characters

Like many of Bioware’s games, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a deep and compelling narrative with a complex world with even more complicated characters. Everyone seems to have an ulterior motive and there’s more than meets the eye with many of the individuals you encounter.

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Without spoiling anything major from the story, here are the personality classifications of some of the main and more interesting characters from this great game. Hopefully, this deeper insight will give you a greater appreciation for how rich this RPG actually is. Here are the MBTIs of the characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

10 Dorian: ENFJ

Dorian is every bit the definition of a charming rogue. In his youth he was known for breaking rules, getting kicked out of schools, and was found passed out drunk in a seedy place. But when given the right scholarly outlet he’s proven a capable and talented mage.

Dorian is very much an ENFJ who uses his charming personality and good looks to talk himself out of most problems and relies upon extensive combat skills for anything he can’t use words to get out of. While he enjoys learning new things and honing his talents he is very leery of blood magic thanks to his father and his mentor’s dabblings.

9 Cassandra: ENTJ

Cassandra was born into gilded halls, but through a rough childhood and tragedy she’s developed a desire to step away from nobility and make a name for herself. This passion and drive led her to serve the Divine as a Right Hand.

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Being an ENTJ Cassandra is obsessed with righting wrongs and seeing justice served. These attributes make her an ideal Divine if the player so chooses over the course of the game. Otherwise, she serves as a powerful warrior doing good wherever she can.

8 Vivienne: ISTJ

Vivienne is one to constantly defy the odds and achieve the impossible. As a mage, she was able to build herself a role as a notable political advisor with great power and influence. Rather than use this high status to lord over others she sees it as a means to achieve good and shape things for the better.

Vivienne is largely an ISTJ type who wades into political waters with zeal and enthusiasm. Negotiations, bartering, trades, and secrets are her tools in The Grand Game and she plays it well. This is a woman with a mission and nothing will distract her from it.

7 Sera: ESFP

Sera’s childhood was one of difficulty and struggle. As an orphan, she stole to get by and found herself resenting the affluent and authoritative members of society. As a member of the Friends of Red Jenny she’s as likely to pull a prank on a pompous nobleman as she is to put an arrow through his eye.

As an ESFP she thrives in the limelight and being the center of attention in any given crowd. She’s very boisterous, crude, and prone to doing foolish things on a whim. Underneath the fire and aggression is a woman who’s afraid of the darkness in the world and seeks to make things ‘normal’ again.

6 Blackwall: ESTJ

Quiet, somber, and a fierce protector of the innocent, Blackwall embodies his name well and serve the Grey Wardens as a devoted warrior to help others. His past is a mystery and very much a part of why he strives to assist wherever he can.

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As an ESTJ he seeks to bring others into the fold of the Grey Wardens out of a sincere desire to help these individuals thrive and go on to help others. Blackwall is very much a tortured soul living in guilt with regret for past actions he hopes to one day atone for.

5 Corypheus: INTJ

The main antagonist of the game, Corypheus is a meticulous and crafty villain that’s as likely to resort to clever and sneaky measures as he is brutal acts to further his goals. He’s not someone who quits easily and even near-death experiences don't seem capable of restraining his ambitions.

As an INTJ he is every bit the mastermind, conniving and planning different ways to bring about his plans of global conquest. He is a master manipulator behind the scenes and an expert leader from the shadows as evidenced by the Venatori cult he created.

4 Cullen: ENTJ

Cullen is obsessed with improving himself, if he isn’t developing his talents as a fighter he’s striving for greater skill as a military leader. This is a man who’s devoted to the Templar order he belongs to and is willing to dedicate everything to further the cause that gave him so much.

Being an ENTJ personality type he can get a little too focused on the Templar’s aims and forgo his own wants and needs. He doesn’t like in action, but he won't jump into danger blindly, either. He’s a man who’s very meticulous and calculated in everything he does because he feels the Templar’s deserve the best of him.

3 Iron Bull: INFP

Iron Bull is lost but afraid to admit it. He's thriving as a leader of his own band of mercenaries, the Charging Bulls, but he’s also wallowing and stagnant. Between the drinking, laziness, and casual flings with strangers, he’s going nowhere fast.

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As an INFP he’s aware of his flounderings and unwilling to acknowledge them at the same time. Half of his boasting and bravado is a smokescreen to hide the insecurity he’s really feeling. He’s a monster on the battlefield and a cunning leader, but he’s also a fractured and tortured soul.

2 Cole: INTP

Cole is a mysterious individual who may or may not exist. Everyone who encounters him has a different experience and some don’t recall ever meeting with him. Players will notice Cole doing strange things at times, but the more observant players will notice these random acts are subtle ways of helping those around him.

Cole is best categorized as an INTP, a caring individual who uses his powers for good, even if that good isn’t readily apparent at the time. He’s definitely the kind you want on your side and not as an enemy, so be careful in your interactions with him.

1 Solas: ISTP

Similar to Cole, Solas is a mysterious and intriguing character. He is obsessed with the Fade and seems to have more knowledge of what lies beyond than any other being in the world. He seeks to help the player, but it often feels like there is an ulterior motive.

As an ISTP he operates with a logic and rational personality that can often go out the window with seemingly spontaneous acts or decisions. He’s very much unpredictable and observant of things both here and beyond.

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