Nintendo discusses its upcoming plans in a meeting with its investors, discussing Club Nintendo’s replacement program, and a release date for Miitomo.

When Nintendo shut down their Club Nintendo program, they attempted to reassure fans that another program would be coming to replace it. After months of waiting, some new information has finally surfaced regarding the upcoming loyalty program.

Speaking in a conference with Japanese Nintendo investors, several Nintendo executives discussed the future of the Nintendo brand. This information included an update on the program that will replace Club Nintendo, as well as further updates on Miitomo.

According to translations posted by Twitter user Cheesemeister, Nintendo is in the process of starting up the new Nintendo club, simply called ‘My Nintendo’. My Nintendo is slated to start this March in 39 countries, and Nintendo is pushing hard to get at least 100 million users on the service as quickly as possible. They’re hoping to attract users based on a variety of rewards, like coupons, downloadable rewards, and limited edition, physical rewards like those that were available on Club Nintendo.

My Nintendo point program starting in March in 39 countries. Platinum Points like prior CN, Gold Points for coupons.— Cheesemeister (@Cheesemeister3k) February 3, 2016

In addition, My Nintendo will have two different kinds of reward points. Gold points can be redeemed towards virtual rewards and coupons, while platinum points can be redeemed for physical loot. This is somewhat of a change from the gold and platinum system Club Nintendo followed, where members could increase their standing to gold and platinum based on the number of points they collected over the course of a year.

Miitomo will also be on its way to users in Japan and select countries worldwide in March for Android and iOS systems. Pre-registration for the service will begin February 17th, and Nintendo is planning on initially launching the service in 16 countries and 8 different languages.

Unfortunately, Nintendo had no information to share with its investors regarding the Nintendo NX. Considering that so much about the system has remained a mystery, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that they’re refraining from unveiling anything at this time. With any luck, Nintendo will be ready to show their new system off in full when it’s time for E3 2016.

Many users were miffed towards the end of the Club Nintendo program, as Nintendo drastically cut back on the physical rewards for points. It’s a bit of a relief to hear that Nintendo is planning on offering physical rewards again. However, since there are now two different forms of points that players can collect, one wonders if that will make it even harder to get any of the limited physical items.

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Source: Nintendo, Twitter