An unintentionally hilarious Xbox One error¬†message popped up on an user’s console, revealing a hidden My Little Pony fan/developer embedded at Microsoft. The message features text leftover from testing, never intended to be published live without being updated. Yet published live it was, and now hopefully many Xbox One fans will be encouraged to go watch the My Little Pony episode titled “Read it and Weep.” Now no one will forget the Cloudchasers and Wonderbolts.

The text of the error subtitled “Mock Error Title,” which perhaps implies it’s used for all non-finished error descriptions, reads as follows:

“This would be some long description about the error. Read it and weep! And if you haven’t looked up this phrase on the internet, please do! You will find a My Little Pony episode called ‘Read it and Weep.’ Cloudchasers and Wonderbolts, you’ll never be forgotten!”

The funny error message was first sent out over Twitter by a confused Xbox One owner. He posed it as a question to Xbox Corporate VP Mike Ybarra, as well as the Xbox support account on Twitter. Being the consummate professional that Mike Ybarra is, his response was to immediately indicate that he was “looking into it.” Hopefully Ybarra at least gave a chuckle at his desk, considering the ridiculous nature of the message. Ybarra would then follow up less than 24 hours later noting that the issue would be patched that night.

As funny as the Xbox One error message reads, and as overtly straight-laced as Mike Ybarra’s response, the error is likely much more of an issue than meets the eye. It’s one thing to allow through some unintentional description text, but it’s another thing to publish something official like the title of a property that Microsoft doesn’t own. Accidents happen, so it’s not likely there’s any trouble brewing as a result of the mistake, though perhaps the team that published the error will reflect on how something like this could get through.

The rest of us will go on comfortably knowing that, at least for a short time, Microsoft’s official favorite My Little Pony episode was Read it and Weep. Episode 16¬†of the second season of My Little Pony, Read it and Weep is about Rainbow Dash having injured her wing and reading a book. She is of course terribly embarrassed to be reading, hiding it from her friends, but ultimately admitting that being an “egghead” isn’t so bad. Perhaps the “eggheads” at Microsoft empathize?

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