Final 'Murder Your Maker' Spike VGA Teaser Image Revealed

Murder Your Maker Final Teaser Image Spike VGAs

The ongoing mystery surrounding the game tentatively known as Murder Your Maker has been growing to a fever pitch over the past couple days. Several teaser images have hinted at many possibilities -- some of them a bigger leap of faith than others. Today a new image has been released that may pin down Game Rant’s previous suspicions as to what the title actually is.

Like Sherlock Holmes himself, Game Rant took to its highly sophisticated science lab in order to deliver an in-depth analysis of the photo. The first and most obvious element of the image is the positive, “We’re here to help!” followed by a pair of silhouettes: one of a small child and one of a soldier. This suggests that this game involves some sort of uncontrollable destructive force that has forced the military to step in, perhaps an outbreak of some sort.

Beneath the hopeful message is a handwritten note that says, “Don’t ever leave the green zone,” meaning that there will be areas in the game that are free of contamination. As a counterpoint, the existence of a green zone suggests that there are other colored zones in which zombies/monsters/infected are free to roam with minimal government policing.

Finally, using the most high-powered of microscopes (aka the zoom feature in Photoshop) a brief trademark can be seen towards the bottom of the sheet which hints that the requirement to remain in the green zone has been passed down by some sort of health administration. This is the most clear hint from the image that the title does involve some sort of infection.

The real question here is what does it all mean? While the obvious Resident Evil connection has been present throughout many of the teasers, there is one anomaly amongst them. This photo of a backwards-facing bald man confuses the whole issue unless one peers at the hooded figure in the background.

Combining all of the information together it seems the most likely that Murder Your Maker is a sequel to Prototype. This assumption could end up completely wrong, considering Prototype’s rather small fan base, but for now it’s the best lead derived from the material.

Game Rant will know for sure on December 11, 2010, during the Spike VGAs so stay tuned for more information.

Now that the entire set of teaser images for Murder Your Maker have been revealed, what do you think they add up to? Let us know your theories in the comments below

Source: Everything PlayStation

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