Multiplayer Modes From Modern Warfare: Ranked

modern warfare ground war tank

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's single-player campaign is a notch above most of its older brothers, but a lot of fans come onboard solely for the multiplayer offerings. Fortunately, Infinity Ward packed a healthy dose of online content for fans to enjoy with a party of friends or total strangers. There's something for everyone, from the lone wolves to those who fancy cooperative play.

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The following will detail and rank all the modes included within the game. While these are ranked from weakest to best, taste in multiplayer is subjective, so someone's particular favorite may not have made it to the top of the list.

12 Spec Ops

Modern warfare spec ops mode

Spec Ops comes in a different form than the original Modern Warfare trilogy. These are full fledged missions four people can tackle simultaneously. Four are included at launch, and each will test a team's skill.

Sadly, the mode is plagued with glitches. When it does work, it still manages to bore players. The missions are uninspired, consisting of bland objectives players complete while hordes of enemies seemingly pop up out of nowhere. Smaller, more creative objectives like the old version would have been the better choice.

11 Team Deathmatch

Modern warfare team deatchmatch

The name explains everything one needs to know. Two teams hunt each other until one gets a certain amount of kills. It does its job for people who just want to go out and shoot adversaries, but the lack of any secondary objective makes it aimless. Without any structure, team tactics go out the window, causing everybody to go off and do their own thing. Even for those more interested in racking up kills than doing objectives, better game modes exist which give a round more meaning, making it more engaging for everyone involved.

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10 Headquarters

call of duty modern warfare playlist change

In this mode, one team captures an objective and holds it for as long as possible. Once they capture it, they don't respawn until the objective location resets and the process begins anew. The changing capture point makes the rounds dynamic, but it can be disappointing to capture a spot and die almost immediately. On the plus side, people usually don't have to wait too long if they do bite it during this stage of the game.

9 Domination

Three zones on the map are up for grabs. The team must hold onto as many as possible. The more zones captured, the faster the team's score increases. The tug of war nature of this game mode keeps things exciting until the end. With three separate places to capture and defend, certain areas regularly trade back and forth between teams as defending too many points at once thins out a team.

8 Survival

Modern Warfare survival mode reviving someone

This one is sadly exclusive to PS4 owners for the time being. It's a shame too, because it is quite engaging. Up to four players stand their ground against wave after wave of computer-controlled enemies.

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It starts off small, but progressively gets harder until each wave feels like an entire army coming down on the team. When the going gets tough, teamwork and watching each others' backs becomes a necessity for survival.

7 Cyber Attack

Modern Warfare Cyber Attack multiplayer

One bomb is placed in the center of the map and the teams fight to get it and blow up the other's base. Respawns are turned off, but players can revive teammates if the coast is clear. What makes it exciting is if one person is left on a team, they have an opportunity to revive their teammates and mount a surprise counterattack while the opponents plant the bomb. The possibility for a comeback late in a round makes death less frustrating than in the other one-life game modes.

6 Free-For-All

Modern warfare free for all melee kill

You cannot beat a classic. Everybody is out for themselves in this mode. The relatively low player count also ramps up the tension. Enemies are few and far between, but one must always be ready for an encounter. The relatively low kill count of each round won't net the most experience, but those uninterested in the meta game will have a blast running around, shooting everything that moves.

5 Ground War

modern warfare ground war tank

A new addition to the franchise, Ground War takes a page out of Battlefield's notebook by pitting massive teams against each other in a fight to control areas of the map. Right from the start the action is hectic. If one isn't dueling it out for a control point against a squad of enemies, they are dodging sniper fire or running for cover from a tank or air support. Except for true experts of the game, one can expect to die a lot and fast. Some may find it simply too haphazard for their liking, but it's there for those who want something bombastic.

4 Realism

Modern Warfare realism mode no hud

This is a modifier for game modes that turns off the hud completely. Players have to make sure they have enough ammo in a magazine, and must rely on their eyes to spot enemies. Nothing shows up to indicate a successful kill, adding another layer of tension to the bouts. It is not for the faint of heart, but it slows down the rounds, making it interesting for a certain type of player.

3 Search And Destroy

rushing the beach in modern warfare

One team must defend two points on the map, while another must plant a bomb on either one and let it explode. In each round, players have one life, making every movement and bullet vital to the team's success. Victory also comes if one team eliminates the other completely. Some just go out for the kills, but the added objective at least adds a layer of strategy and demands teamwork. Even among strangers, playing with a headset and coordinating attacks is a blast and a surefire way to victory.

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2 Night Mode

cod modern warfare night vision goggles (1)

Unfortunately, Night Mode has yet to be introduced to the full game, but Infinity Ward was kind enough to run a beta test before release. With maps taking place at night, players must use night vision goggles to see. Light sources on the map can also be strategically switched on and off. Aiming uses a laser sight, revealing one's position, forcing one to think carefully on when to go for a kill.

1 Gunfight

call of duty modern warfare huge change to gunfight

Gunfight is such an outlier for the series, but it manages to be a highlight of the multiplayer suite. This concentrated experience pits two teams of two in tiny maps for rounds lasting forty seconds. The first team to win six rounds is the victor.

Randomized loadouts make for a level playing field. With only two opponents, one has the opportunity to study their moves throughout a match, and do their best to counter their strategy.

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