Summer means summer-blockbuster movies, which also means summer-blockbuster-movie-video-game-tie-in games. The movies are well and good; they serve their purpose and can be really entraining at times. They likely won’t win a best picture or best actor award come awards season but they keep us entertained during the hot summer months. The movie-tie-in games however, don’t fill that same void. Simply put, movie-tie-in games generally should not exist.

Games are not like movies and cannot be consumed as quickly. Games require a real time investment to see all the way through. Games also are considerably more expensive than movies. Going to see a movie and not liking it that much won’t lead to the same kind of buyer’s remorse as dropping $60 for a bad or mediocre game. Captain America: Super Soldier is one such game.

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Aside from being a cheap cash grab, preying on comic-book fans or people who enjoyed The First Avenger movie, this game really serves no purpose. So many AAA games and so many amazing and original experiences are released each year that no gamer really has time to play all of them. Instead of playing a game like Super Soldier, that money could be spent playing a game that was missed before or perhaps on a smaller, more original title that gamers may have initially overlooked.

I am not blaming the developers for movie-tie games per se. They have a job and they likely did it to the best of their ability with their limited time windows and budgets. The Super Soldier studio in particular has made some great games over the years but being forced to develop a game to release in time for a summer movie likely is not the ideal way to develop a game.

We simply don’t need movie-tie games. Look, the Dark Knight movie-tie-in game never happened and that is a good thing. If there had been a Dark Knight game, would gamers ever had seen Arkham Asylum? Perhaps, but maybe people would have passed on Arkham Asylum if they felt burned by a Dark Knight movie game. I would rather have a game born out of creativity and one that the developers are passionate about than a movie-tie-in game any day.

There are likely some quality movie-tie-in games out there. If you have a favorite or if you agree or disagree with me, let me know in the comments below.