10 Movie-Based Video Games (That Are Better Than The Movie)

Movies and video games have a troubled relationship. Whenever one medium tries to adapt the other, the results are usually less than stellar. However, the occasional gem will pop, proving the two art forms can successfully link. These moments are rare enough to be considered a special event.

To remember the good adaptations, the following list will take a look at the best video games based on movies. These games were so good, they were even better than the source material. Of course, in some of the cases the original movie was lackluster, but that does little to take away from the game's accomplishment.

10 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is seen as one of the weaker points of the franchise, especially for its borderline blasphemous interpretation of Deadpool. However, the video game adaptation is pure gold. It closely follows the story of the movie, but also came with an M rating, meaning players get to slice and dice enemies to pieces.

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It's not about seeing rivers of blood, but more about being able to feel the main character's anger through his grotesque acts of violence. Those looking to play it these days have to find a physical copy, unfortunately, as it is no longer available on digital markets.

9 Scarface: The World Is Yours

This game adaptation of the classic gangster film takes place after the original's ending. Instead of Tony biting it, he manages to live through the assault on his mansion and proceeds to rebuild his criminal empire. It does away with the movie's moral message, but it still makes for a fun game none the less. It makes up for it in a small way when

Tony quits cocaine in the opening, implying his downfall was ultimately the drug. The open-world Miami setting draws comparisons to Vice City, but cannot be considered a ripoff, since the 2002 Rockstar title took plenty of inspiration from the film.

8 The Warriors

This cult classic '70s movie seems like an odd choice for a video game interpretation, but upon deeper reflection the movie itself is like a video game. All the gang has to do is make it to Coney Island in one piece. Of course, in late '70s New York at night that job is easier said than done.

The Warriors fight their way through the gritty city, just barely making it through by the skin of their teeth. The game also adds scenes showcasing the gang's beginning and gives the ensemble more characterization.

7 Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Chronicles of riddick escape from butcher bay

Vin Diesel is a noted fan of games, and went hands on during the development of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. Not only did he provide his character's voice, but he consulted on the development, making key suggestions to Starbreeze Studios.

The game came out side by side with the film Chronicles of Riddick, but was met with a significantly warmer reception. The game tells a different story altogether, but still within the canon. This way, the developers focused on crafting the best game possible instead of feeling beholden to the movie.

6 Ratchet And Clank

This one may take a little explaining. Insomniac created their legendary series in the early aughts, but it was turned into a film in 2016. They then remade the first title in the series to coincide with the film adaptation. The film came and went, but the game was highly praised.

The original Ratchet and Clank hasn't aged well, since the series really hit its stride during its third outing, so it was a treat to get an updated version of the adventure that started it all.

5 Tron

Tron wasn't the most beloved Disney film upon release, but it garnered a cult following. The plot was just ripe for a video game adaptation, however, and studios delivered. The original arcade game is a classic, though hard to come by due to its age and the decline of arcades.

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2003's Tron 2.0 is a little easier to find, since it is a first-person shooter on the PC. It is not considered canon, but canon is irrelevant if the game is fun.

4 Toy Story 3

Toy story 3 video game

Toy Story 3 is a fine movie, but the video game companion is an even bigger accomplishment. In 2010, video game adaptations were still seen in a particularly negative light. This game managed to wow with its combination of a traditional platforming adventure game and the innovative Toy Box Mode.

The latter was a sandbox environment where players completed missions and unlocked ways to customize the world. The adaptations of the first two movies also deserve a mention, as they were both decent platformers for their time.

3 Peter Jackson's King Kong

Peter Jackson's King Kong was 2005 cinematic event.  a big release back then had to have a video game version too. Fortunately, the developers did their best the adapt the classic story, and the effort was recognized. The game goes beat for beat through the movie's events, making for a dense, yet varied experience.

The only major complaint lobbied at it was the short length, but the average FPS of that generation wouldn't end up being much longer anyway.

2 Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace

Phantom Menace video game darth maul fight

Star Wars and video games have a complicated history, and modern adaptations of the classic saga haven't done much to remedy it, though Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems like a good start on the road to recovery.

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Back in 1999, the adaptation of The Phantom Menace managed to leave a better impression than the movie. It wasn't merely focused on hacking and slashing, but also featured segments where players interact with NPCs. For those looking for a more arcadey experience, Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles is a perfectly fine alternative.

1 GoldenEye

What is there to say about GoldenEye on the N64 that hasn't already been said? The mere mention of the name conjures up memories of blasting away friends until the early morning during sleepovers. The revolutionary local multiplayer was a breakthrough, but let's not forget the stellar single-player campaign.

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The plethora of levels loosely adapted scenes from the movie and was one of the first FPS games to feature objectives besides the typical kill everything in the room and make it to the end. Few shooters have captured a similar magic and the title is seemingly trapped on the old console, making those memories all the more valuable.

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