Ken Levine Talks PlayStation Move Support for 'BioShock: Infinite'

Ken Levine Talks BioShock Infinite Move Support

Back during Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference, when it was announced that Irrational Games' forthcoming next project BioShock: Infinite would be including Move support, a collective groan went out. At the time, it seemed like Sony was asking Irrational to support their motion controller in an effort to sway gamers to their platform, but that was before the E3 demo that took place all throughout the event.

It was during that event any non-believer, anyone that thought BioShock: Infinite was going to be a lesser version of BioShock, was convinced that anything Irrational Games was cooking up must be worth checking out, including even Move support. Of course since then we've seen a few more trailers, and some closer looks at the game's main characters and enemies, but nothing in the way of that promised Move support.

However, now with a firm release date in place, it was time for Ken Levine, Creative Director on the project, to put it all out there on the table, and finally start to once again talk about this Move functionality. Unfortunately, what he had to say speaks more to how Irrational would like the public to experience it, rather than what types of gameplay options they are exploring.

“You’ve got to put the thing in somebody’s hand and say, ‘here’s our Move support. How does it feel to you?'...We’re definitely going to be doing that at some point. But it’s hard to talk about because it’s like, ‘hey, does it feel good? Does it feel right? Does it break down barriers of interface for you?'...That’s the goal of Move, right? It’s to make you forget you’re playing with a controller. It’s to make that much more transparent. The proof’s going to be in the pudding.”

More importantly than Irrational's focus on showing rather than telling is their commitment to make the Move functionality a thing right out of the gate. That means BioShock: Infinite will feature support for Move on day one, not post-launch.

Our best guess, based on Levine's musings, is that Irrational will either be unveiling their Move functionality for BioShock: Infinite during a special event for the game, where fans can get their hands on the game and experience the Move controls first hand, or they will be making a huge push for the Move support during this year's E3. With BioShock: Infinite being a first person shooter it seems pretty obvious how that Move support could play out, but with so many ancillary gameplay scenarios like the sky-hook also existing, the possibilities seem endless.

Also, for those that might not be interested in what Move has to offer BioShock: Infinite, hopeful fans can look forward to at least three more big reveals like the kind that saw a certain robotic first President causing mayhem.

How would you like to see BioShock: Infinite support the PlayStation Move? Is there any way Irrational could convince gamers this is the way to play?

BioShock: Infinite releases October 16, 2012 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: VG 24/7



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