'MotorStorm RC' Comes to Vita Owners for Free

MotorStorm RC Free for Vita

Although there is a large collection of launch titles already available for the PlayStation Vita, some gamers might be unsure which are worth the money and which barely even show off Sony's new handheld, leaving them with a rather expensive piece of tech with nothing to play on it. To help correct that situation, Sony will be releasing Motorstorm: RC, a cutesy offshoot of Evolution Studios' popular racing game, for free.

The game, which will also be available on the PSN (for $9.99 mind you), puts players in control of RC versions of the rally cars featured in the proper versions of MotorStorm and boasts 8 different vehicles and 16 unique tracks.

Even more exciting than this downloadable racer, or Sony's generous offer for Vita owners, is the game's support for multiplayer. According to an earlier reveal by Sony, the game is unlocked for both consoles with a single purchase, adding a strong possibility that MotorStorm RC might feature cross console multiplayer.

MotorStorm RC's free download comes courtesy of Scion, but is only for a limited time, so get on the ticket before it zooms away. Also unique to the Vita is a RC version of the Scion iQ.

Although MotorStorm RC might seem like a disposable little racer from Evolution, the developer promises that a ton of DLC content will be made available at launch (tomorrow) to help make the experience as deep as gamers want it to be. Not much is known about the DLC as far as what will be offered, or how much it will be, but since the game itself is free, maybe purchasing some new tracks might be easier.

There's also no word on how involved the Vita support will be in terms of touch controls and the like, but based on this game's multiplatform status I wouldn't expect anything too revolutionary. Still, it's a free game!

Will you be picking up MotorStorm RC now that it is being offered for free? Would you like to see Sony offer smaller titles like this to give Vita owners something to play?

MotorStorm RC releases March 6, 2012 for the Vita and PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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