Rumors suggest Nintendo plans to release the English language version of Mother 3 on the Wii U’s Virtual Console in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary.

When quirky little SNES RPG Earthbound hit store shelves in the Summer of 1995, it did so with a resounding thud. With its oversized box and oddball premise, gamers didn’t flock to Earthbound (known in its native Japan as Mother) quite like Nintendo hoped. But thanks to a reoccurring role for Earthbound protagonist Ness in the mega-popular Super Smash Bros. series, Earthbound gained a little more exposure on Western shores.

However, despite the series becoming a bona fide cult classic, Nintendo opted to forgo a Western release of the long-awaited GBA sequel Mother 3, despite including the game’s protagonist Lucas in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and as DLC for the most recent iteration of Super Smash Bros.

Since then, fans have clamored for an official release of the title, only for Nintendo to remain mum on the subject. Fans have taken to releasing their own translations, which has satiated fans looking to enjoy the long-missing sequel, but an official release seemed like a pipe dream. But now, a rumor is buzzing that Mother 3 may finally be coming West, ten years after its release.

While rumors concerning a Western release of Mother 3 have been thrown around before, trusted tipsters and a reliable gaming news website are backing up the claims, giving this rumor some credence.

Mother 3 Emily Rogers

Starting on February 2nd, noted Nintendo rumor fiend Emily Rogers cryptically tweeted a picture of Mother 3 character Kumatora, accompanying the picture with a Tweet stating, “Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year.”

Hot on the heels of Roger’s tweet was a series of Tweets from game tipster Liam Robertson, better known online as @Doctor_Cupcakes, accusing Rogers of “letting the cat out of the bag,” before stating:

“What I heard about Mother 3 (rumor) was that it was in the final stages of localization at Nintendo of Europe a little while back.”

While savvy gamers were quick to question the authenticity of the port claims, Eurogamer writer Tom Phillips took to the site to confirm that he had also heard a Mother 3 port was in development, albeit from a completely separate source than Rogers or Robertson. While Phillips did not offer any more insight into the port, he did reaffirm that it is planned to coincide with Mother 3’s 10th anniversary

With Earthbound and Mother (now branded Earthbound Beginnings) making their way to the Wii U’s Virtual Console, the idea of a Mother 3 Virtual Console release isn’t entirely far fetched. But until Nintendo confirms the validity of the claims, fans continue to live in hope that Mother 3 receives an official English release in some form.

Source: Kotaku

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