10 Most Terrifying Hostile Mobs In Minecraft

It’s easy for gamers to forget that at it’s core Minecraft is a survival game with horror elements. Underneath the bright colored blocks, cute pigs, and nameable horses are undead creatures, monstrosities from the depths of the Nether, and what was once a pig that has horribly mutated and stalks the player with a hiss on its lips.

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Across the various dimensions and encountered in various biomes here are the most terrifying mobs you can encounter in all of Minecraft.

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10 Enderman

These strange entities will leisurely explore the Overworld grabbing blocks and transporting various distances. But these gentle giants will absolutely lose it if the player looks at them funny. They immediately bare their teeth and charge the player with frightening speed.

Even if the player manages to duck into a cave or small space too short for the Endermen they will linger in the area teleporting around as if to trick the player into leaving their hiding place. What’s worse is that the player is required to confront them if they wish to travel to the End, where they will be waiting in large groups.

9 Ghast

There are many horrors within the Nether, but the worst has to be the giant ghost-looking mobs that fly around the caves known as Ghasts. The second largest mob in the game these things are a sight to behold, but when they notice the player things get downright dangerous.

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Their eyes flash red and they launch a fireball that deals tremendous damage and can shred the player’s surroundings. Many players that survive the initial blast will die anyway by falling through the newly created hole in the Netherack into the lava ocean below.

8 Drowned

For many years the oceans of Minecraft were devoid of life and relatively peaceful. Many players enjoy creating underwater bases and the new coral biomes convinced many players to explore the ocean depths.

But lurking in the dark waters are the Drowned, zombies that have been transformed by the tides to become adept swimmers and wield mighty tridents. One of the worst moments in this game is boating across the ocean only to see these decrepit forms rise up from the depths hungry for the player’s flesh.

7 Evoker

Woodland Mansions are dungeons in the depths of the Dark Forests and contain some of the best loot in the Overworld. What many players seek are Totems of Undying, but to obtain these powerful artifacts they must face a terrifying enemy, the Evoker.

Villagers driven mad by the magic they studied, these sorcerers can summon ethereal Vexes to track down the player and can summon rows of fangs from the ground to attack enemies. Getting bitten by a mouth from the great beyond is a terrifying experience to say the least.

6 Vex

As bad as Evokers are their summoned minions, the Vexes, are much worse. Resembling ghostly Illagers with wings and swords these phantasmal cretins are summoned in groups and will relentlessly hunt the player down.

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These creatures are nigh unstoppable as they will phase through walls, water, lava, fire, and any other obstacle barring their way to the player. Their presence in the Overworld is temporary and they will disappear given time, sufficient damage, or the death of their master, but it’s not a foe to be taken lightly.

5 Baby Zombie

While many players will quickly lose their fear of zombies and even begin crafting elaborate farms to cull them for resources there is one variation of the zombie that can throw a monkey wrench in the works, Baby Zombies.

These mini versions of the adult variation are fast, can fit in one block spaces, hard to hit, and do damage very, very quickly. Even professional Minecraft players have had their runs tragically cut short by these little monsters. Spare your sanity and don’t spend too much time considering how they were created in the first place.

4 Silverfish

The bane of all miners and those searching for End Gates are Silverfish. These miniature bug-like creatures hide inside infested blocks and will surprise the player when the block is damaged. Once freed they will call upon other Silverfish in the area to attack the player in mass, quickly forming a swarm of wriggling terrors.

What’s worse is that they can track the player through walls and relentlessly hunt them down. When out of range they will burrow into nearby blocks and lie in wait until the player comes back. Professional miners know to carry a sword enchanted with Bane of Arthropods because of these critters.

3 Phantom

It used to be that beds were a convenience in Minecraft, thanks to an update a few years ago they have now become a necessity for survival. If the player can stay rested these mobs will never appear, but for those who’ve gone at least three days without sleep, the Phantoms come for them.

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Phantoms are flying creatures that can spawn in groups of six and swoop down on the player. They are fast, relentless and will not go away until the player gets some proper sleep. It's not often that the waking hours are more terrifying than the nightmares that lie beyond the realms of sleep.

2 Creeper

This iconic monster has been the bane of players since the early days of Minecraft. Accidentally created after coding for a pig went wrong, they are some of the scariest mobs in the entire game. Not banished by the light of day and utterly ignored by Iron Golems they will silently track the player on their short feet and once close will start hissing, their bodies will flash and start to expand, and then they’ll detonate with the force of TNT.

A quick browse through Youtube will reveal hundreds of videos of players getting startled by these monsters even after all these years. It is a creature that haunts both amateurs and experts alike. Just pray you never encounter one struck by lightning.

1 Skeleton Horsemen

The most terrifying creature in all of Minecraft has to be the Skeletal Horseman. During thunderstorms, players may occasionally see a Skeletal Horse standing out in the rain. Given their usefulness as the fastest mount in the game, their incredible rarity, and immunity to drowning many players will eagerly rush towards them with saddle in hand in the hopes of taming them not realizing it's a trap.

When the player gets close lightning will strike the horse and three skeletons astride three skeletal horses will suddenly appear. These Skeletons wear Iron Helmets and carry powerful enchanted bows. Apart from bosses it's one of the toughest fights in the game and typically catches players empty handed, off guard, and without proper supplies to survive, let alone fight back.

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