The 5 Most Powerful Bosses In Skyrim (& The 5 Weakest)

If you thought dragons were the toughest enemies Skyrim could dish out, you definitely thought wrong. With all the DLCs included, Skyrim has tons of different bosses that are either surprisingly easy to defeat or annoyingly difficult to deal with.

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If you're still loyally playing the game even after nearly ten years since its release and you're looking for a new kind of challenge, we've prepared this handy list of five of the most powerful bosses, as well as five bosses that most likely you won't really need to worry about. Next time you go on a dangerous quest in Skyrim and meet one of these creatures, you'll know what kind of challenge awaits you and how much you need to invest in it.

10 Powerful: Voslaarum & Naaslaarum

Owners of the Dawnguard DLC will be pleased to find out that the experience of fighting dragons is brought to a whole new level once you enter the beautiful area of the Forgotten Vale. Here, you'll witness two dragons break free from underneath an icy lake, before attacking you at the same time.

Since these two Revered Dragons, they're going to be using the Drain Vitality attack on you, which makes them fairly challenging to deal with. Otherwise they behave like regular dragons, fighting two at the same time can be a massive headache.

9 Weak: Titus Mede II

Emperor Titus Mede II is considered the most powerful man in all of Tamriel. You'd think that once face to face with him, there would be something more going on than just a simple surrender.

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Sure, as a Dark Brotherhood assassin you'll be tasked with sneaking through his private ship and taking down the guards in a stealthy (or not so stealthy) manner. However, this mission is laughably easy to complete and really quite anti-climatic if you think about it. Once he's dead, it feels like nothing ever changed in Skyrim and your actions had zero consequences.

8 Powerful: Forgemaster

Dwemer automatons are some of the most challenging enemies to deal with in Skyrim due to their high damage resistance and damage output. While the Centurions are difficult enough to fight, nothing is as frightening as the Forgemaster in the Dawnguard DLC.

As you seek for the Aetherium Forge, he's the last guardian to rise from the lava to challenge you. What makes the Forgmaster scary is his sheer size compared to regular Centurions, as well as the damage he's able to output. On the bright side, he's vulnerable to frost damage, a weakness that's simple to exploit.

7 Weak: Krev The Skinner

Once you join the Companions, one of the main antagonists you'll be sent to confront is Krev the Skinner, leader of the Silver Hands.

Now, you'd imagine that the very leader of this faction is incredibly powerful, and while he can be somewhat ferocious in a fight due to his enchanted weapon that can easily kill you in just a few hits, as long as you keep your distance and use the environment to create a bottle-neck effect against your enemies you should be good to go. Not to mention, you have Aaela by your side to act as meat shield.

6 Powerful: Ahzidal

We all know Dragon Priests are some of the scariest enemies in Skyrim due to their incredible magical powers. As targets they're also very hard to hit, and are often accompanied by Draugr. Such is the case with Ahzidal, no doubt the most annoying Dragon Priest in the game. Not only will he resurrect some friends to help him in the fight, his fire spells deal a nasty amount of damage.

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Most importantly, Ahzidal can use his signature spell surprisingly often due to most likely having an immense magicka pool. Go in with fire resistance and tons of healing, because you'll definitely be needing it.

5 Weak: Morokei

As for the least impressive Dragon Priest of all, Morokei takes the cake without a single doubt. You'll encounter him most likely as your first Dragon Priest as well, when fetching the Staff of Magnus for the College of Winterhold.

He uses the Sparks spell to his advantage, but because the area you fight him in is so vast with tons of cover around it's very easy to dodge his attacks and play on your own terms. Any skilled ranger will deal with him easily, but even if swords are your thing, he shouldn't cost you much time at all due to his weak spells.

4 Powerful: Miraak

Miraak is the ultimate antagonist that the base game lacked, but which was added through the Dragonborn DLC. He's a Dragonborn, too, and has a wide range of shouts at his disposal that he can use much more frequently than the player can.

His unique weapon which resembles a fang of sorts is able to drain your stamina, which can hinder movement during the battle. However, the most annoying part about him is how he sacrifices the two dragons by his side to invigorate himself and keep fighting just when you thought you had him.

3 Weak: Skeletal Dragon

This boss perfectly fits the trope of an enemy that looks insanely cool and intimidating, but is actually one of the most underwhelming creatures in the entire game. For something so terrifying, the Skeletal Dragon is just like any other dragon.

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In fact, it's much weaker than even the Brown dragon due to a very small health pool compared to other dragons, and due to not being able to fly, he's an easy target to deal with. If you think about it, the skeletons you have to fight alongside him are a much bigger threat than he is, which is what makes this boss truly a disappointment.

2 Powerful: Karstaag

In the Dragonborn DLC, you have the opportunity to summon this hideous and beastly ghost-like creature known as Karstaag. Although he might look funny, don't let his chunky exterior fool you. Armed with powerful attacks, Karstaag can send you flying across the room with a single stomp of his foot.

If you thought this being was just about the strength, we've got major news for you: he also summons a deadly blizzard to rage around you, which will damage you over time as you try to fight this giant. Good luck, if you ever meet him!

1 Weak: Alduin

Since the beginning of the story, we're all supposed to feel terrified of Alduin. He's the leader of the dragons, rallying them all together in order to take back control. However, at the very end in Sovngarde when we finally find ourselves face to face with him, he's just like any other dragon.

No surprise! On top of that, we're not even fighting him alone. The heroes of Sovngarde are there to help us with the entire battle, which is why it just misses the mark and leaves us with a bland taste in the mouth. No wonder nobody like the main story of Skyrim as much as the side quests.

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