Pokémon: Ranking The 10 Most Loyal Dog Pokémon

Dogs are man's best friend, and in the world of Pokémon, that doesn't change. There are numerous creatures in Pokémon that are inspired by canines and try their best to be the good boys that the internet has carved dogs out to be.

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Unlike cats, if someone says that they're not a huge fan of dogs, then they're met with odd stares and backlash. How could someone dislike such a loyal and loving creature? Well, let's now take a look at the 10 most loyal Pokémon in existence and rank them.

10 Houndoom

Would people consider Houndoom to be a cool Pokémon? Yes, that's most certainly the case. Loyalty, on the other hand, would be something that isn't directly associated with the dark dog Pokémon.

Since the creature is a dog, you'd assume that the genetic evolution of canines would be embedded, and it would naturally be loyal, but that may not be the case. Alongside its very metal-inspired design, it seems to often have a rebellious nature about itself. Like with any strong trainer/Pokémon bond, it needs you to earn its trust.

9 Lycanroc

Lycanroc is known as the Wolf Pokémon, which lets trainers know they tend to be a little more feral and uncontrollable than other types of dog and canine-based Pokémon. Lycanroc is unique because a Rockruff can evolve into one of three different forms of Lycanroc based on the time of day it is leveled up, starting at level 25.

In the Pokédex, it is said that if a Lycanroc is raised adequately from a young age that it will never betray its trainer and be trustworthy beyond belief.

8 Manectric

Manectric is the type of dog you might expect an alien race to own as its blue fur and yellow accents scream science fiction. You can tell it's a very proud species of Pokémon as its perfect posture and reserved attitude make it the prime candidate for security or patrol.

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In the Kalos region, it seems that Officer Jenny uses Manectric over Growlithe since the fire puppies aren't native to the area. This adds to the idea that their loyalty and serious nature are untouchable by most other Pokémon.

7 Mightyena

For better or worse, Mightyena is a Pokémon whose design is uninteresting and feels boring because it looks so much like a real creature. It sports a grey and black coat and dog-like features that lack any sort of fantastical flair.

Nothing about Mightyena feels special or unique, and sadly, it's often forgotten about because of that. In the anime, a group of Mightyena was shown helping protect a Pokémon reserve, which highlights how loyal and protective they can be to those they care about.

6 Furfrou

Furfrou, also known as the poodle Pokémon, happens to have a strength that also doubles as its weakness. Like the poodles it was inspired by, Furfrou can have its hair cut into nine different styles resulting in various looks for the Pokémon.

The styles include Star, Diamond, Heart, Pharaoh, Kabuki, La Reine, Matron, Dandy, and Debutante. If you're willing to take the time to get your Furfrou trimmed and looking nice, then chances are you've built a real bond with it, and in turn, it is loyal to you unlike any other.

5 Stoutland

When you're labeled as the big-hearted Pokémon, it's understood that you're the type of creature who is likely loyal and loving to a fault. Stoutland is the type of dog that's often too good to terrible owners or trainers.

The great thing about Stoutland is that it will be as loyal to its trainer as it is to the other Pokémon in the party. It prides itself on the move called "Retaliation," which works wonders when Stoutland replaces a fallen teammate who fainted in battle. What a good boy Stoutland is to anything and everyone.

4 Growlithe

Growlithe may not have the size and intimidation factor that its evolved form does, but it still manages to be a part of the police force. They're also known to partner with cops. It's likely the two are paired for life to develop a tight relationship with one another so they can perform exceptionally well out in the field.

In many ways, Growlithe are puppies, so there's nothing wrong with finding them adorably cute. It seems that a friendship between a trainer and a Growlithe is virtually unbreakable.

3 Snubbull

At first glance, you'd likely roll your eyes at the idea of Snubbull landing so high on a list of loyal dog Pokémon as it looks so disgruntled. The truth is that Detective Pikachu showed another side to the pink bulldog creature as it was the right-hand partner to the police lieutenant of Ryme City.

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A partnership between a canine and an officer of the law is pretty standard, but most people would assume it would mostly be Growlithe and not Snubbull. Lt. Yoshida must have chosen his for a reason.

2 Lucario

Now, if we're honest with ourselves, Lucario is more likely related to a fox than he is a dog. The great thing about Lucario is that it can only be acquired if a trainer builds a strong friendship with their Riolu.

This builds on the idea that Lucario is a dog Pokémon since it evolving is solely based on the relationship with its owner. Being bipedal is odd since it turns a subservient relationship into one that resembles the friendship between two humans, but in many ways, Lucario has earned that.

1 Arcanine

Arcanine for decades has been considered one of the coolest designs in all of Pokémon, and that's partially because it was originally meant to be a legendary or pseudo-legendary like Dragonite.

In the anime and movies, it quickly took on the role of being the Pokémon partner of choice for law enforcement everywhere. The giant fire-typed canine has also been associated with the military and is known for its loyalty above all else. Some consider Arcanine to be the most loyal Pokémon in existence.

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