‘Mortal Kombat X’ Tanya DLC Fatalities & Brutalities Revealed

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The Mortal Kombat series has always been known for its guts, gore, and stunning levels of violence, and Mortal Kombat X has pushed it to the limit making its brutalities and fatalities even more extreme. While using these moves is thrilling and satisfying for the player, it’s also exciting to see them revealed for the first time.

Fans of the returning character Mortal Kombat character Tanya have been eagerly awaiting to see more than what little was shown in the teaser trailer for the Kombat Pack. These fans will be happy to know that some of Tanya’s finishing moves have been revealed.

The fatalities released in Mortal Kombat X have been horrifying thus far, and it looks like Tanya is no slouch. Seven of her finishers have been revealed, including fatalities “Bloody Boots” and “Edenian Drill”, as well as brutalities “Top Off”, “Romp Stomp”, “Backstabbed”, “Watch This”, and “Pop Pop”.

Mortal Kombat X Tanya Fatality Bloody Boots

While it’s not possible to determine what the entire sequences look like from still images, there is a lot that can be ascertained.

Fatality “Bloody Boots” looks thoroughly intense, as she crushes her opponent’s head under the heel of her foot. It’s also noticeable that her opponent’s hand is pierced with a blade, probably pinning him to the ground.

Fatality “Edenian Drill” shows her casually facing the camera, holding the heart of her enemy. She evidently performs this move with enough skill and speed that her opponent is still looking on, grasping at their open chest cavity.

Brutality “Top Off” sends her opponent’s head flying with a limber upwards kick, and “Romp Stomp” also sends heads rolling after she lands on her opponent’s middle feet-first.

Brutalities “Watch This” and “Backstabbed” leave the opponents’ head on their shoulders, but leave them spurting with blood from their torsos and backs.

And lastly, brutality “Pop Pop” is probably the flashiest, albeit the least gory, as Tanya gracefully poses in a lunge while shooting sparks of flame or energy at her opponent.

Tanya’s fatalities have undergone a pretty big change, as her classic neck-snapping and limb-breaking maneuvers from prior Mortal Kombat games seem to be absent this time around. In addition, these images seem to indicate that her normal character model will definitely have glowing eyes. Some gamers felt uncertain as to which appearance she would have, as her first appearance in the teaser trailer for the Kombat Pack showed her with glowing eyes, but her eyes appeared normal and non-glowing in a leaked image of Tanya and other Kombat Pack DLC rendered character models.

Getting a hint of what Tanya’s fatalities and brutalities will be like prior to her release is pretty exciting, and gives a hint about her playstyle. Even so, it’s actually kind of appreciated that this sneak peek is just single images, rather than the full fatality and brutality sequences. Getting to see them for the first time when you perform them yourself is one of the most awesome experiences a Mortal Kombat gamer can have, after all.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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