Mortal Kombat X Adds New Stage Brutalities

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Since its release back in April of this year, Mortal Kombat X has provided players with countless hours of bloody beatdowns and flagrant fatalities. In fact, NetherRealm Studios has rewarded the dedicated fans that own the Kombat Pack—that is, the Season Pass for Mortal Kombat X expansion packs and DLC—with tons of content, such as a covey of additional costumes, as well as the inclusion of the seemingly immortal Jason Voorhees. Now, the long-awaited addition of another ’80s horror icon will be added to the fighting game’s ever-growing list of characters, as NetherRealm Studios is set to include the deadly extraterrestrial Yautja hunter, more colloquially known as Predator.

As reported yesterday, the latest patch for Mortal Kombat X not only lays the groundwork for the incorporation of Predator into the game through the Prey DLC Pack, but it also provides necessary gameplay refinement along with additional tweaks to the title. Plus, one of the coolest features in the update is NetherRealm Studios’ addition of new, discoverable stage brutalities.

So far, the game developers have been rather generous with their updates, as they previously provided a patch that incorporated a hilarious level finisher in the Outworld Marketplace involving an old woman. With players being able to toss her at their enemies, she would either beat them down herself, or cause opponents to explode on impact, which led fans to nicknaming it the Blanche Brutality.

Mortal Kombat X Adds New Stage Brutalities

As evidenced in the video found by YouTuber C88 MiZxFiT at the top of the article, the game developers are definitely interested in expanding Mortal Kombat X‘s index of bloody stage brutalties. In the clip, it’s shown that NetherRealm Studios has updated the Quan Chi Fortress to provide players with the ability to obliterate an opponent’s head with a giant hammer, as Sub-Zero smashes Reptile’s skull to end the match with a brutality.

The next bit of footage provided by C88 MiZxFiT shows off a new stage brutality for Kuatan Jungle. As Johnny Cage and Kitana square off against one another with the verdant vines and ancient relics behind them, the Hollywood action star cum killer slams Kitana’s noggin into a stone shrine which causes a bloody mess, leaving Cage to essentially boast that he’s never one to lose his head when it comes to competition.

The last stage brutality to be added is shown off in the YouTube video provided by user Bueno Guedes, with the finisher being set in Mortal Kombat X‘s level on the docks. The finisher hearkens back to MK titles of yore as the fight closes out with the classic uppercut attack. In the snippet above, Liu Kang leads the battle to its savage conclusion as he uppercuts Sonya Blade’s head off, sending her body into the murky waters below.

While the new stage brutalities are an excellent inclusion to Mortal Kombat X, once the patch allows for the actual download of Predator, fans’ enthusiasm will most certainly become more rampant. Not to mention, once players are able to pit Carl Weathers versus Predator, excitement ought to reach a fever pitch. However, as of writing, no specific release date has been set for the Prey DLC Pack which will include the legendary Yautja as a playable character, as well as four new skins.

Mortal Kombat X is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube (via VG 24/7)