‘Mortal Kombat X’ Patch Includes Free Klassic Reptile Skin

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When it came to light that in order to have a complete Mortal Kombat X roster it’d be necessary to spend another 30 dollars on the Kombat Pack, many Mortal Kombat fans were livid. The fact that NetherRealm Studios began promoting the Kombat Pack’s DLC roster before the game was ever released only added to fuel to the fire.

Since then, however, it’s become clear that NetherRealm Studios is treating their fans with the respect they deserve, as it’s released a myriad of patches coupled with free skins. Continuing this trend, NetherRealm Studios has announced that the latest patch and free skin is on its way for console and PC players.

NetherRealm Studios announced on its website that it’s gearing up to release the latest patch for Mortal Kombat X on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The patch is set to fix a myriad of gameplay bugs, and offer character-specific adjustments. In keeping with NetherRealm’s promise to release a free skin with every Mortal Kombat X patch, they’ve also announced that a free Klassic Reptile skin is included with this patch. The full patch notes can be found on the next page, but some highlights include fixes to many glitches that provided unfair advantages, like being able to mash normal attacks while blocking, removing the ability to use infinite combos with Kitana, and fixing game crashes.

Unfortunately, this patch is only expected to be released for PlayStation 4 today. NetherRealm Studios has remained a bit vague on when Xbox One and PC players can expect it, simply stating that the Xbox One patch would be released “soon” and the PC patch would follow afterwards.

Mortal Kombat X Free Reptile Skin Patch

One can hope that this patch improves upon the game and doesn’t introduce bigger problems instead. A recent PC patch for the game erased players’ save data, which left High Voltage Studios, the company responsible for the PC patch, scrambling to amend the problem with the patch and to find a way to restore the lost Mortal Kombat X saves.

While Xbox One and PC players may feel a bit sour at having to wait for their updates, it’s possible that NetherRealm has decided to focus on one system at a time (and perhaps oversee the PC patch more closely) in order to prevent these kinds of problems in the future. In any case, Mortal Kombat X fans that are eagerly awaiting the Carl Weathers Jax skin will have another nostalgic skin to enjoy in this patch, even if they have to wait a few days for their gaming platform to receive it.

Mortal Kombat X‘s paid DLC may have left some gamers feeling sour, but NetherRealm’s willingness to include free skins with each of the patches is definitely appreciated. While these skins are basically just recolors, any extra effort a developer is willing to put in to make their fans feel appreciated is welcome. Considering that more Mortal Kombat X paid DLC characters are scheduled to be released between now and early June, one can imagine that many more patches are still to come, and with them, free character skins.

Mortal Kombat X 5-14-15 PS4 Patch

General Gameplay Fixes

  • Many movelist frame data corrections.
  • Corrected many normal attacks that were intended to be 0 or negative on block were being overridden to be +2
  • Hitting Front Punch + Back Punch + Front Kick at the same time at the special cancel window will no longer cause an enhanced move to come out
  • Removed the ability to mash normal attacks while continuing to block after blocking an attack
  • You can no longer cancel into an enhanced interaction during the first 10 frames of some block stuns.
  • Versus Session Stats are now correctly award as wins/losses when you pause and exit to player select or restart match (Versus Session Stats can be turned on in Main Menu > Options > Game Play)
  • Fixed several characters being able to attack on the first frame of a jump.
  • Added unlock counter for Krypt.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from joining an in-progress Ladder, KOTH, or Team Battle match from a chat lobby.
  • Ping meter accuracy improvements.
  • You can now choose to not play a Ranked Match if the connection is below the set threshold.
  • Matchmaking improvements when finding a Ranked or Player Match.
  • Player Skill Rating algorithm improved.
  • Fixed crash occurring when receiving online VS. Challenge while editing Kombat Kard.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when skipping the last fight in the Klassic Tower.
  • Fixed an issue causing some offline replays to report “playback does not agree”.
  • Added the ability to go full screen in the KOTH viewer by PS4 players who use devices that do not have a touchpad button

Character Specific Fixes

  • Cassie (Hollywood) – Assault Force combo can no longer be special canceled after the knockdown.
  • Ermac (Spectral) – Special cancels done during Soul Accession now award the correct amount of meter.
  • Goro – Brutal Kick now hits overhead.
  • Jason – Temple Punch & Shoulder Push no longer auto-correct after it’s started moving.
  • Jason (Unstoppable) – Some special moves were delaying resurrection from happening until the move was over.
  • Jax – Can no longer get a free hit on opponents after his X-Ray.
  • Johnny Cage – Adjusted some hitboxes to hit crouching opponents more consistently.
  • Kitana – Can now perform her X-Ray attack while airborne.
  • Kitana –No Longer airborne for the first frame after her X-Ray connects which could prevent her from blocking.
  • Kitana – Gained a new attack on away +3 (Pretty Kick)
  • Kitana (Mournful) – Glaive Throw no longer disables blocking removing a possible infinite combo.
  • Kitana (Mournful) – Fixed a bug that causing the 2nd hit of Glaive Return to sometimes not come out.
  • Kitana (Mournful) – Opponent can no longer by OTG’d after being hit by Staff Grab
  • Kung Jin – Cartwheel Smash is now -3 on block (down from +4)
  • Kung Jin (Bojutsu) – Several staff attacks were not combo damage scaling correctly
  • Kung Lao (Tempest) – Cyclone now has 7 startup frames (up from 5)
  • Kung Lao (Tempest) – Hat Spin & Orbiting Hat will now combo link correctly afterwards
  • Kung Lao (Tempest) – Shortened the time it takes for his hat to return after Hat Spin & Orbiting Hat.
  • Mileena – Tele-Kick can no longer be punished on hit and will combo when special canceled into Air Sai Blast or X-Ray.
  • Mileena – Can now perform her X-Ray attack while airborne.
  • Mileena – Improved tracking on X-Ray
  • Quan Chi (Summoner) – Demon Spawn’s cooldown is no longer reset when a Bat attack hits the opponent.
  • Quan Chi (Summoner) – Fixed some cases where the Demon Spawn wasn’t going away when Quan Chi got hit.
  • Quan Chi (Summoner) – Fixed an issue causing Demon Spawn to sometimes instantly disappear after being summoned.
  • Quan Chi (Warlock) – No longer has the Front Punch, Back Punch, Throw combo (Portal Slam).
  • Quan Chi (Warlock) – Gained a new special move Portal Scoop (D, F, FP).
  • Raiden –  Shocker was causing combo damage scaling to be reset.
  • Raiden (Thunder God) –  adjusted some combo damage scaling
  • Shinnok – Away + 3 (Shin Kick) is now towards + 4 and he has a new away + 3 (Devious Heel)
  • Shinnok – Can now enhance Hell Sparks & Hell Blast on block.
  • Shinnok (Impostor) – Now steals Dash Punch from Jax instead of Ground Pound.
  • Shinnok (Necromancer) – Can now control the location of Judgment Smash & Judgment Fist.
  • Sonya (Special Forces) – No longer gains meter for Park Drone and Remove Park.
  • Sonya (Special Forces) – Park Drone and Remove Park no longer resets combo damage scaling
  • Subzero (Grandmaster) – Ice Klone now always correctly goes away on block instead of sometimes leaving a Klone with no active hitbox.
  • Subzero (Grandmaster) – Ice Klone cooldown is no longer instantly reset if it goes away on its own.
  • Takeda – Slightly decreased the combo damage scaling on Fist Whirlwind & Whip Flurry.
  • Takeda – Can now do his X-Ray with the Block + Front Kick + Back Kick shortcut on an arcade stick while jumping straight up.
  • Takeda (Ronin) – When special cancelling into Blade Drop it will always fall the same distance regardless of Takeda’s facing.

Added the following Costume for online compatibility:

  • Klassic Reptile

Mortal Kombat X is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: WBGames, Ed Boon