While NetherRealm Studios is already plenty busy with their current roster of Mortal Kombat X fighters, the developer is also keeping one eye on the future. In the more immediate sense, they are preparing for the launch of Jason, the first DLC guest character added to Mortal Kombat who may be available at this very moment.

After Jason, NetherRealm has at least three additional DLC fighters prepared for Mortal Kombat X, including fan favorites Tanya and Tremor. They also have Predator waiting in the wings, ready to overthrow Jason as the reigning guest character of choice.

But beyond that NetherRealm has not said much. One can hope that the Mortal Kombat X developer has more planned for players, but they have not made those aspirations clear. Sure, Ed Boon has teased some potential characters, but he loves to keep his Twitter followers guessing.

To that point, Boon sent out a tweet earlier this week referencing the character Rain. Of course, Boon made the tease in a very cheeky way, with a Beatles poster, but nonetheless it has the Mortal Kombat fans talking.

While some Mortal Kombat favorites are unlikely to join the MKX roster, Rain seems like an easy addition. In fact, NetherRealm already has a character model and a limited move set for Rain, as he is a featured opponent in the game. Granted, the developer would need to flesh out Rain’s abilities, give him three distinct variations, and a set of Fatalities, but much of the legwork has already been done.

However, by playing their cards too early and saying Rain will join Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm runs the risk of drawing even more speculation. For example, both Sindel and Baraka are also featured in the Mortal Kombat X story mode, but are not playable. So if NetherRealm says Rain is DLC then fans might go ahead and assume Sindel and Baraka won’t be far behind.

Either way, NetherRealm Studios is unwilling to let the Mortal Kombat X hype train lose any ounce of steam. While promoting one character they are focusing on another – like they did with this Predator in-game tease – and not just in terms of immediate future, but potentially further down the road. Truthfully, it feels like a missed opportunity not to include Rain in the main game since his model is already done, but we’d bet there are a handful of other iconic Mortal Kombat fighters that fans would love to see added.

Besides Rain, Sindel, and Baraka, whom do you want to see added to Mortal Kombat X? Do you think Rain will join the Mortal Kombat roster?

Mortal Kombat X is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are rumored for June.

Source: Ed Boon