Mortal Kombat: Predator Accidentally Confirmed as DLC Character

Mortal Kombat X Predator

If the last few weeks of Mortal Kombat X news have taught us anything it’s that NetherRealm Studios has a meticulously thought out marketing plan. They know when each new character is to be revealed, when new gameplay is to be shown off, and when something completely unexpected should be teased. Like today, for example, when the studio gave us closer looks at Mileena, Takeda, and Kung Jim’s variations, along with new details on the Kustom Kombat mode.

But, for as prepared as NetherRealm can be, there will always be a leak or two that comes along to spoil the fun. In most cases, the leaks haven’t derailed the Mortal Kombat X marketing train too much, but if the most recent rumor is proven true, then it might be best to brace for impact.

According to a posting on the Xbox One store, Mortal Kombat X is set to add the Predator to its roster. He (it?), like Jason Voorhees, will be packaged as one of four post-release DLC characters, which gamers can pick up a la carte or as part of the Kombat Pack.

For now, the Predator announcement should be taken with a grain of salt, but this is hardly unsubstantiated evidence. Microsoft would not post a Mortal Kombat X DLC description that mentions the Predator if they didn’t already have some inside knowledge. Chances are someone wrote the Kombat Pack description without realizing that Predator had not been announced yet.

The Kombat Pack is currently available in the Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition on the Xbox Store. Kombat Pack grants early access to 4 new playable characters and skin packs. Stalk and slash your opponents as Horror Icon Jason Voorhees, or play as Predator, the Ultimate Hunter. Two Klassic Mortal Kombat characters complete the offer. Each playable character comes with a themed skin pack including three new skins for select characters. Also includes The Samurai Pack available on April 14th2015.

This, of course, isn't the first time that we have heard Predator's name tossed around in connection with Mortal Kombat X, however this is a more solid source than the one previous. But, now that the Predator seems more likely a reality, we're curious to know Colonel Al Dillon (Carl Weathers character from the 1987 film) might follow.

It’s also worth noting that the Kombat Pack description mentions two classic Mortal Kombat characters are also featured as DLC. So, even if a fan favorite doesn’t make the main game roster, there’s still hope that he or she might end up in the game post-release.

Mortal Kombat X Predator DLC

However, with both Jason and Predator taking up DLC spots, there is sure to be fervent discussions among fans as to whether two guest characters were necessary. Sure, their additions add a little playfulness to the game, but as we mentioned they also take up a spot. When we made our list of top 5 guest characters for Mortal Kombat X we assumed one might join the roster, but we never figured two would.

For now, we play the waiting game to see whether Microsoft retracts their Xbox One store description or NetherRealm pulls the trigger on announcing Predator. One of these two scenarios is bound to play out, unless some major mistakes were made.

How do you feel about Predator joining the Mortal Kombat X roster? Should NetherRealm have picked someone else?

Mortal Kombat X releases April 14, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, while the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will follow in the summer.

Source: Xbox (via IGN)

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