‘Mortal Kombat X’ PC Patch Fixed, High Voltage Working to Restore Saves

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Yesterday was a big day for Mortal Kombat X players. The first guest character for the game was added in the form of the brutal horror film icon Jason Voorhees, and PC players were also looking forward to a patch that would fix the game’s online connectivity problems.

The online connectivity problems with Mortal Kombat X on PC have been so bad since launch that NetherRealm Studios made the decision to gift PC players with 10,000 free Krypt Koins in the first patch. Now it looks like amends are going to have to be made again, as the latest patch, the one meant to fix those online issues for the game, has caused an even bigger problem.

For the few hours that the patch was live, any PC players that downloaded it lost their game saves. It’s not uncommon for patches to introduce new, unforeseen problems, but the deletion of save data is a fairly shocking event that has left everyone affected understandably outraged.

For what it’s worth, NetherRealm Studios didn’t actually create the PC version of the patch. In fact, they didn’t even handle the PC port of the game, which is probably where the problems are stemming from. As it turns out, the PC side of the Mortal Kombat koin has been outsourced entirely to High Voltage Software.

High Voltage is a relatively unknown company, mostly creating licensed games and rarely branching out to develop their own IP, the most noticeable exception being the game The Conduit on the original Wii. High Voltage previously worked with NetherRealm on the PC version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, but that game also suffered from issues at launch.

The Conduit - Gameplay

Pictured: The Conduit on Wii

So, what’s being done to make up for the problem? First of all, High Voltage will attempt to restore the lost saved data. However, this seems like a long shot and, unfortunately, will probably not materialize into anything substantial.

That being said, the studio has taken to Steam to address the problem head-on. They have acknowledged the save-deletion issue that the patch caused, and have issued an apology, adding, “Affected players should be hearing from us soon with details on how we are addressing the situation.”

Added instructions were offered to PC players who haven’t heard from High Voltage by this coming Friday, May 8th at 12PM Eastern time. If they’re not heard from by then, simply go to the game’s support page on the WB Games website, choose the “Gameplay Help Request” option, and then pick “Save Game Issue.”

Evidently, they will be making reprimands in some other fashion if the saved games can’t be restored. Since they’re already giving out a free DLC skin with every update of the game, one would imagine that PC players can expect more free Krypt Koins in the future.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: EuroGamer