'Mortal Kombat X' Update Improves Balance, Offers Free DLC Skins

'Mortal Kombat X' Improves Balances, Offers Free DLC Skins - Sub Zero

Mortal Kombat X has proven to be a massive success. The game has resonated with gamers, leading to it becoming the fastest-selling game in the history of the franchise.

Considering its large user base, it's no surprise that NetherRealm Studios is already updating the game in an attempt to improve everyone's experience with the game. Patch 1.02 is now available to download for Mortal Kombat X across all platforms.

Patch 1.02 tweaks the moves of various characters in the game in order to address some balancing issues. The characters receiving slight changes to their attacks and abilities are Shinnok (Imposter), Sub-Zero (Grandmaster), Takeda (Ronin), and Takeda (Shirai Ryu). Besides the moves, the patch will also address the game's connectivity issues, improving online stability on all systems.

Here are the full patch notes:

General - Throws (regular or command grabs) will no longer sometimes connect on a grounded reacting opponent off a counter hit

Shinnok(Impostor) - He can now control the location of a stolen Goro Stomp.

Subzero(Grandmaster) - Combos on a grounded opponent frozen by the Ice Klone will now scale properly.

Takeda(Ronin) - Added a new move “Quick Kall” (Down, Towards, Front Punch) which quickly returns a dropped blade without doing an attack.

Takeda(Shirai Ryu) – He will now always teleport to the other side when doing the Air Shirai Ryu Port

For the most part, Mortal Kombat X has offered a relatively smooth online experience since launch. This is true for the console versions at least, but the Steam version of Mortal Kombat X experienced some issues. Since PC players on Steam experienced such a rocky start, patch 1.02 gives them a little something extra. These players will be rewarded with 10,000 Krypt Koins as a reward for their patience. Once the new update is downloaded, PC players will have these free Krypt Koins automatically redeemed, so they can head to the Krypt right away to begin their spending spree.

Players can use Krypt Koins to purchase a number of add-on items from fighter skins, additional fatalities, and customization items for their online profile. But NetherRealm is trying to save PC players a little extra Koin by including a free DLC skins with the update. Most notably, the update includes a classic skin for iconic Mortal Kombat fighter Sub-Zero.

Not only is NetherRealm supporting the game with updates and the like, but the PC modding community has also added extra replayability to Mortal Kombat X. Three characters that aren't playable in the game but appear in the story mode (Baraka, Rain, and Sindel) have all been made playable through a PC mod for the game.

Some have accused companies of releasing unfinished games with the idea that they can simply patch it later, but that's not the case with Mortal Kombat X. By itself, the game is great (read our review), and it's nice to see NetherRealm Studios already improving upon the game not even a week since its launch. Expect more Mortal Kombat X improvements, updates, add-ons, DLC characters, and more in the future as its popularity is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

Mortal Kombat X is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: WB Games

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