Is This 'Mortal Kombat X's Newest Fighter?

Erron Black Mortal Kombat X

It’s been a busy couple months for Mortal Kombat X developer NetherRealm Studios, who's been slowly confirming characters for the upcoming fighter game. Most recently, we’ve witnessed Reptile and Kitana fight it out; we’ve heard rumors of potential guest fighters, including Predator and Spawn; and we’ve even tossed out a few of our own top choices for who should join the fight.

Luckily for Mortal Kombat fans, we have another name to add to the list of potential characters in the game. Meet Erron Black – a gunslinger, introduced in the Mortal Kombat X comic, who seems poised to join the roster. In the comic, Black is first seen with D’vorah and Kotal Kahn, who are both confirmed characters in Mortal Kombat X.

Very little is known about Black. We understand that he is associated with Kahn, but we don’t yet know anything about his potential fighting style, skills, or more importantly, his fatality. However, while he is a mystery, we can assume Black will be a powerful fighter based on his connection to Kahn, as well as Kahn’s high opinion of him. In the comic book, Kahn calls Black one of his “deadliest warriors."

Erron Black Comic - MKX

That means Kahn’s enemies are Black’s enemies. Thanks to Kahn’s long and brutal history in the comics, these enemies include Mileena and Goro, both of whom were at one point allies to Kahn, but who became fierce enemies after Kahn overthrew Mileena for power of the Outworld - the realm where all Mortal Kombat fighting takes place. As of right now, Mileena has not been confirmed for Mortal Kombat X, though there is definitely still time for her to be announced since the game doesn’t hit shelves for a couple more months. Goro is confirmed as a pre-order bonus character.

So far there have been 14 fighters announced for the game (besides extra and guest characters), with a few more still rumored to be joining soon. Below is the list of confirmed fighters:

  • Scorpion
  • Sub-Zero
  • Cassie Cage
  • D’vorah
  • Kotal Kahn
  • Ferra & Torr
  • Raiden
  • Kano
  • Reptile
  • Kitana
  • Kung Lao
  • Quan Chi
  • Goro
  • Ermac

NetherRealm’s tactic for revealing their roster of fighters one or two at a time has gone a long way to increase hype for Mortal Kombat X. Hopefully the game lives up to the growing gamer expectation when it’s released – a feat that many games have struggled with recently.

As we get closer to the release of Mortal Kombat X, stay tuned to Game Rant for the latest announced and rumored fighters.

What do you think of the current line up for Mortal Kombat X? Are there any fighters you’re hoping will join the fray? Share your picks in the comments below!

Mortal Kombat X is set to release on April 14 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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