NetherRealm Studio announces that a brand new medieval-themed skin pack for Mortal Kombat X will release this March for Xbox One and PS4 gamers. Sorry, PC fans!

NetherRealm Studios put it pretty succinctly: it’s time to get medieval. Mortal Kombat X fans will have some fresh downloadable content when the calendar flips to March, and best of all, it’ll come in the form of a completely free update. It’s no secret that Mortal Kombat X brings some brutal fatalities into the mix, so it seems rather fitting that a skin pack from the dark ages would find its way into the blood-soaked arena.

The free content pack includes skins for Kotal Kahn, Kung Jin, and the Ferra & Torr duo. Whilst Kotal Kahn seems to be rocking some kind of ancient bronze God look, Kung Jin’s medieval outfit looks like a reskin of his current alternative option. In any event its free, so we suppose we can’t be too nitpicky in regards to how original the costumes are. In contrast, Ferra and Torr sport some highly original costumes, and look like the dungeon torturers you never want to run in to.

Unfortunately, it looks like those getting their Kombat on from a PC won’t be able to join in on the medieval-themed carnage: the free content will only be coming to consoles. Warner Brothers dropped support for the PC edition of the title some time ago, and computer-based players have already heard the news that they won’t be able to access the second Kombat Pack. NetherRealm Studios actually had to take down the original announcement tweet for the medieval DLC, which incorrectly stated that it was coming to all platforms.

March 1st also happens to be the date that the Crimson Ermac costume will release on consoles, although the price for this DLC has yet to be revealed. The proceeds from Ermac’s new skin are poised to go towards upcoming Mortal Kombat X tournaments, and will keep the prize pool high enough to continue garnering an interest in the professional e-sports scene.

In tandem with this, the XL version of the game and the aforementioned Kombat Pack 2 (with a new variation of Triborg) will go live. It goes without saying that it’ll be a busy day in the NetherRealm Studios office ensuring everything launches smoothly.

Those who haven’t checked the game out on consoles yet should certainly give it a look – the title is a significant leap forward for the franchise.

The Mortal Kombat X medieval skin pack will become available for free on March 1st for Xbox One and PS4.

Source: NearthRealm Studios – Twitter