'Mortal Kombat X' Trailer: Liu Kang Joins Roster

Mortal Kombat X Liu Kang Trailer


While the Mortal Kombat X promotional tour has been fairly well planned out in terms of timing its character reveals and story mode trailers, every so often new information leaks out ahead of time. Just last week, for example, word of Predator joining the MK roster leaked through Microsoft’s Xbox One store, forcing NetherRealm to confirm the DLC additions for the Kombat Pass.

However, many did not notice at the time that those DLC details also included a reference to Liu Kang, who at that point was still not confirmed for the Mortal Kombat X roster. It seemed practically a given that Liu Kang would be in the game, but with nothing official there were also some doubters.

Today, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. have put those doubts to rest by releasing a new Mortal Kombat X trailer focused on the Shaolin monks. In it, Kung Lao, new character Kung Jim, and Liu Kang face off with a few of Netherrealm's (the fictional place) biggest names, albeit under the control of Shinnok

Mortal Kombat X Raiden Trailer

Based on the trailer it appears that the Mortal Kombat X story mode will keep in line with the cannon introduce in Mortal Kombat 9. We won’t give anything away, but let’s just say that Liu Kang and Raiden’s relationship is somewhat strained following the events of the 2011 game.

The trailer also makes a slight reference to Shinnok, who we know will be in the game but does not make an appearance here. Still, it sounds like Raiden’s section of the Mortal Kombat X story – if the game deploys a similar piecemeal approach – could conclude with a Shinnok showdown.

Mortal Kombat X Liu Kang Trailer

Over the last few weeks, NetherRealm has stepped up their Mortal Kombat X marketing to the point it’s often hard to keep up with all the news. There have been new character reveals, like Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage; details on new character fighting variations; and even a few surprises as well.

Just the same it’s good to see Mortal Kombat hasn’t forgotten its key cast, or at least one of its more recognizable characters in Liu Kang. There was some doubt early on that he might not make the roster, but clearly those concerns were unfounded.

Are you happy to see Liu Kang return for Mortal Kombat X? Is there anyone else who must make the roster?

Mortal Kombat X releases April 14, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A PS3 and Xbox 360 launch will follow in the summer.

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