‘Mortal Kombat X’ Klassic Pack Skins Leak Online

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Kano Mortal Kombat1 Skin

After releasing last month, NetherRealm Studios has a bonafide hit on its hands as its recently released game, Mortal Kombat Xtopped the sales charts for the month of April. With DLC addition Jason Voorhees recently being added to the game, players are wondering what’s next for the popular fighting title?

According to reports, the first ‘Klassic Pack’ is on the way, and will introduce Tanya who has been a prominent figure from some of the past games in the series – along with a number of new skins for current roster characters. While there’s no release date on when this DLC will hit, a creative user managed to grab and leak the photos online.

In a post on Imgur, user AndyZ88 posted a series of photos revealing screenshots of Tanya and a host of new skins coming with her update to Mortal Kombat X. Coming from the game’s “Kollection” area where players can see all of the content they’ve unlocked so far, Tanya’s official description can be seen along with the fatalities and brutalities players will be able to use on unsuspecting opponents. Not only that, the resourceful user also managed to snag some screenshots of the skins that are coming within the Tanya update.

Along with Tanya, users that purchased the Kombat Pack will be receiving a couple of new skins packs to use within the game. The first pack introduces classic Mortal Kombat 1 outfits for series veteran characters Lui Kang, Sonya Blade, Kano. Soccer fans will be thrilled to see a couple of new outfits joining the fray as well, including an outfit for Johnny Cage putting him in a Mortal Kombat shirt with the green and yellow colors of Brazil. Lui Kang also gets a Brazil inspired outfit, with the final skin going to Kung Lao making him look like someone out of an old Western.

Joihnny Cage Brazil Skin

In other ‘skin’ news, a recent patch for Mortal Kombat X has released for the PlayStation 4 (soon for the Xbox One) version of the game fixing a number of exploits, glitches, and potential crashes. The big draw for players with this update will be the fact that it also contains a klassic skin for the character Reptile. While Reptile still retains his lizard-like appearance, fans will notice that the character now dons the green ninja robes, previously seen in Mortal Kombat 2 and 3.

Fans of Predator and the upcoming Hunter Pack were thrilled to find out that a skin for Jax was modeled after the character Dillon, who was portrayed in the movie by Carl Weathers. Earlier this week it was discovered that not only will Jax look like Dillon, but NetherRealm managed to bring Carl Weathers in to record lines for this version of Jax as well. Fans are now eagerly awaiting to hear what kind of dialogue is going to make it into the game from the movie.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Are you guys excited to see more incoming free Mortal Kombat X DLC content? What else would you like to see added?

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